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    Only driven to work and back was originally hoping to get away this Easter but carnt so at home in the front yard caravanning. Just...
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    I just sold mine 2002 gu patrol full nads remapped new head,injectors &glow plugs. It had been a great tug 420,000 also not long...
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    This is my new Mazda 3.2 all the bells and whistles, it replaces my 2002 gu patrol,
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    Make sure they haven’t fitted the fuel lines backwards after the service if they have you won’t enough fuel pressure
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    I’m a newbie have sold my 2002 patrol and just bought brand new Mazda bt50 with all bells whistles
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    Gday all have sold my old gu patrol and have bought new Mazda bt 50 with all bells and whistles.