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    The most remote tracks in Australia?

    A PLB cannot communicate and will call a major emergency services response to you. However a Garmin or Sat Phone can request the appropriate help required , which is why I went Garmin. Sat Phone calls do drop out and can be frustrating but communication is more fluent when talking.
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    The most remote tracks in Australia?

    I got mine from eBay with a big discount when they came out $490.00 They have so many more useful functions than just a phone. I used the $25 per month casual plan when last away but will try the $40 per month for more frequent usage. It can connect to a App for tracking by your friends & family...
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    The most remote tracks in Australia?

    I use one of these , sms worldwide Irridium coverage Pay a connection fee to join the casual plan, only pay for the months you need it and no cost to stop and restart access. Flexible data usage too. Hotspot to your phone if you want. Cheers Waz
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    2018 NSW Annual Meeting - Bendethera. May 25th - 27th

    Sorry people but I have to pull out of the meet. Old ankle injury has flared up . Stay safe and have a great time. Cheers Waz
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    Roof top tent for 5 foot tall mom with two little boys

    I can recommend buying one of these platforms. I use it to pack and unpack the RTT , it also is the cooking table, a bench seat, and a access landing placed slightly against the RTT ladder - it makes getting in and out Soooo much easier.
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    Cheapest way to run an Iridium sat phone

    Its not a sat phone but I went with a Garmin InReach Explorer , got a 20% discount offer from eBay so bit the bullet. $25 a month plan is casual and can be upgraded for a month of heavy useage and downgraded to the cheap plan or placed on hold. Its an iridium network plan so world wide coverage...
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    Here’s trouble

    70% of the worlds air pollution originates in the northern hemisphere, they are just reaping what they sowed. China and India are planting 100s of millions of trees to compensate and clean their air. Gotta luv livin in OZ !!
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    Takata airbag recall for 4 wheel drives

    Had the Triton recalled last year and attended to be the dealer, they needed about 5 hours to get the job done.
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    Would you pay $80K for the new Ford Ranger Raptor?

    No farking way would I spend 80k on a 4by dress up like a track car ! Mutton dressed up as Lamb - a wank fest concept.
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    What Head Lamp is Best

    Mine has the aspherical lense, so it can focus or widen as you manually tweak it. Good quality light and adjustable output to get the beam as close to your requirement as possible. Mine is great for camping fishing and hunting, and I would not hesitate to buy another one .
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    Bash plates for a triton

    I got the full TJM bashplates set for my MN and they have been good.
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    What Head Lamp is Best

    LED Lenser H7 is awesome so the upgrade would be a good piece of kit. Heaps or burn time with mine but I mainly use it on low output for around camp and fishing.
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    New Buxton member

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    Hi from lake macquarie nsw

    G’day Hope you can share some insight into fishing the lake up your way. I am keen to cast a line from the tinny :D Cheers