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    G'day from Canberra

    Welcome to Earth! Plenty of good info here. And best to ask your gps questions here. Enjoy.
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    G'day from the ACT

    G'day Nathan. Welcome to Earth!
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    Hi There; Another ACT Newbie

    G'day Mark. Welcome to earth.
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    Hi all, another new member from the ACT

    Welcome to earth Henry.
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    ACT Trecking

    G'day Rok_Wolf. Welcome to earth! Plenty to see in the area. Have fun.
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    Flea Creek

    Yep, been there a few times. Views from Mt Coree are worth it and tracks were in good condition. Gentle Annie is a 4 lane highway ...
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    hello from act canberra!

    G'day boffee, welcome aboard. Check out the GPS section for more app and map info.
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    93 Suzuki Vitara 100kmph max????

    G'day Ryan, I bought my 4x4 to go slow, not fast. Just sayin'. Increasing HP won't reduce RMP but will certainly increase fun factor. I've seen some sweet Zukes go places that I had 2nd thoughts about. But they never go much over 100kph. Suck it up, or ... Get a Patrol (kidding, sort of...
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    Back to Canberra region

    G'day pmgemme, Welcome to earth. The Brindies have changed a bit. The tracks are better (easier). Gentle Annie now lives up to her name like a very gentle rollercoaster. Enjoy.
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    G'day from Canberra

    G'day Matt, Welcome to earth :-) Plenty of clubs to choose from in the area. Happy trails ...
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    The Pat v Roothy saga, funny video

    Two thumbs up! "I'll top myself before I learn to speak bogan". Gold.
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    Is it time to change my Avatar pic

    Keep the lights. Makes it easy to know which posts to skip ... :D
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    sand squeak

    Annoys the crap out of me when walking. Like a stone in a tyre ... :mad: Apart from that, beaches are okay ... :cool:
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    Smoking Banned in NSW National Parks

    *like* x2 (Y) :D smoker
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    Smoking Banned in NSW National Parks

    :eek: WTF! Guilty until proven innocent? Really? Lucky it's not being abused :rolleyes: