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    Simoco UHF Program software

    Can possibly send a copy - send me a pm on
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    78 Series rear Diff - but any other models had this issue?

    The Diff only would have ran for a short time without oil - yes any time is bad but I doubt this caused any issues resulting in this fault. Ray (Diff Guy) did find the input flange warped a little and this would have caused a vibration - even though never felt. Still not clear on what caused the...
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    TB42e Runs ok on LPG but poor on Petrol

    Thanks for the replies, The Injectors were replaced by the previous owner but think I will look at doing this after my big trip.. being my 2nd car. When I first purchased the car it ran sort of ok on petrol but could not continue this due to a crack in the after market fuel tank. I have since...
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    Brisbane to Canning Stock Route - 1st June 2019

    Thanks for all the comments, I will try to do a report of the trip and plan on taking heaps of photo's but don't hold your breath as I tend to be a bit slow on that part. My Troopy is only just back on the road after destroying the rear diff - worry is there is no clear indication of why it...
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    Tracks Manager

    Whats this idea of charging for access to information??? I don't see a need for it as there are many other ways of paying for such information storage.. But yes having access to accurate date would be nice and GPS data that can be exported into different software would be nice. Last year while...
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    Latest on the Simpson/Floods etc

    Will be interesting to see just how wet it is out there in early July when we plan to cross the Simpson for the Big Red Bash.. Have asked several times if the Big Red eastern side lake has returned but have not received a clear answer - guess this two will be a surprise at the time.
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    Dingo Fence at Cameron Corner

    Are there good maps showing all of the dog fences? I ask this as we crossed one on the tail end of the Madigan line last year it was on the QLD part of the track and the fence to say the least was on the ground for quite some distance So we guessed that part was no longer maintained or needed? I...
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    Attempted car break in

    Just hope the Home owner did not get charged! A while back had the coppers ask for footage from my camera system, it was poor quality but showed the road rage incident outside my house so was enough to convict apparently.. Since upgraded the Cameras so the night vision is heaps better.
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    4.2 GQ petrol/gas Auto box issue

    Interested to know if you have fixed the problem? I had a similar issue with my Prado many years back, mentioned it to a mobile mechanic and he asked me if I had added anything to the oil, I had not.. He then suggested an additive, can't think of the name but it was red and quite thick...
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    TB42e Runs ok on LPG but poor on Petrol

    Hi After some ideas on where to look next.. Purchased this car a year or so back - runs ok on LPG but hardly even idles on Petrol, I can get it to run but usually ends up stalling and will not idle at the correct rpm and very rough! The Gas install is a Ventury style - not injected. I have...
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    Hilux axle seals leaking again?.....

    Something that has not been mentioned is the seals will leak if the oil level it too high, basics are the oil when correct in the Diff housing is at a very low level when it comes to the seals, when changing if the car is level not much oil should come out, some will but not much. What usually...
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    78 Series rear Diff - but any other models had this issue?

    Hi I recently had my rear Diff explode while just driving around town, actually on the way to work! Problem is I less than a month away from starting an 11,000km 7 week CSR trip so I am both pleased it happened now but pissed off it happened at all. As I am not familiar with Diff's I thought it...
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    EOI Madigan Line August 2018

    Yep Hay River was way more big trees than I am accustom to in the Desert, mostly due to the River part I suspect as much either side of the main track and they start to thin out again.. I sustained a bit of damage to several of my side antennas and sand flag due to continually hitting trees...
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    Brisbane to Canning Stock Route - 1st June 2019

    Interesting on the towing part, it's always amused me that often the travellers who complain the most about the state of tracks are those towing, except often they are the very ones chewing out the tracks.. not all but many of them.. Not upset about heavy vehicles but again this very much...
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    Brisbane to Canning Stock Route - 1st June 2019

    Hi Buxter We are doing the CSR South to North and no one is Towing (something I insist on for all Desert crossings) I am guessing your Figure 8 was to bypass the section where Tailors are not permitted? The Current plan is to enter WA west of Ayres Rock and head down to Wiluna, we were going...