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    Opinions please on 50mm lift Prado 120

    I used this guy for my Prado 120 setup. Couldn’t fault him. I suggest you give him a ring. He is in Brisbane but service was first rate and he was more than happy to discuss options and didn’t push any particular brand which I found comforting...
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    whats the best product for boiling water in firebans

    Maybe one of these would do the trick. I keep mine plus cup, coffee, sugar etc in a small esky. Works for me
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    Brisbane, QLD to Parkes, NSW

    Check out The Warrumbungles too if you get the chance. Not too far from Coonabarabran. Siding Springs is in the same place. Ken
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    Barrington Tops (and GPS/Maps)

    I went through this a while ago. I was after a replacement map for one I had years ago and lost. It was brilliant and quite specific to the Barrington. Unfortunately it is no longer printed. The best I could find for overall coverage is “mid north coast forest map”. For greater detail you would...
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    Big Rocks

    Haven’t seen it myself and would probably feel mightily inadequate if I did. For those who don’t know it, it is in the Barrington Tops. Cheers Ken
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    Barrington tops day trip

    How did the trip go?
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    Swag or Tent

    I got one of those 10LXW mega mats last year and reckon it’s great. They are a box design so are full height right to the edges and have separate inlet and outlets so they deflate more easily. Check out some videos on them. Cheers Ken
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    Easter Trip 2019 (Part Two/Final Report)

    Thanks Col. A very therapeutic read after a pretty average work day. The quality of the images you include in your reports are stunning. Thanks again. Ken
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    Barrington tops

    Was thinking about it today. It would be good but work gets in the way unfortunately. If you go have a good day and post some pics for the rest of us. Cheers Ken
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    Countdown to the trip start

    Hey Luke. Isn’t it funny how we always talk about how we take too much food but we never say the same about the amount of grog we take.
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    Countdown to the trip start

    I don't think it's stress. It's the excitement and desire to make all things right before you get going. I get like that just going away for a weekends fishing. Where are you off too or have you already mentioned it in a previous post. Wherever it is have a great trip and make sure to post a...
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    Drifta Products

    Depends if they chuck the pencils in for free. As if.
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    Solo Vic High Country tour

    Geez, I enjoy reading the trip reports posted on here. This is a cracker. Well done. Ken
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    What music do you listen to?

    Tedeschi Trucks Band - "Midnight in Harlem" (Live on eTown) - YouTube I came across this band not long back. Find myself listening to them a lot.
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    Happy Christmas and Safe Holidays

    Merry Christmas everybody. Hope you get to spend time with all those who are special to you.