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    Suzuki Jimny - what's your experience with them?

    I mean pretty much! We had a soft top too. Don't get me wrong, as a kid I loved it, especially when we went 4wding. As I got older and closer to 6'3 the back was less fun.
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    I only use it to pick up the kids from school

    I just don't believe anything people write in their ads. While car shopping I came across an ad for a golf gti. Seller said it was his wife's car. Just did shopping and school runs. Never thrashed. Then came the list of all the aftermarket performance parts. You don't do that to a car and not...
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    Suzuki Jimny - what's your experience with them?

    We had an 80s Sierra when I was a kid. One of the cars I learnt to drive on. It definitely went everywhere our Landcruiser went. The back seat (where I spent more time than anywhere else) was NOT comfortable, although as a kid I thought it was fun. Driving on the highway, we couldn't really...
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    PLBs are so cheap, there's just no excuse if you're going so remote that you need some mad survival skills. I'd even consider a satellite messenger. Heaps cheaper than a satellite phone. Beyond that, water. Lots of water. I always make sure I have heaps in the car even just driving down the...
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    I honestly don't know why any of you think a landrover would make it this far west.
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    Had the work drone out this morning and couldn't resist a shot from above.
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    Securing contents of chest fridge for off road

    We had a cooling mat for the dog we'd keep in there, it worked pretty well. But failing that, stuff some towels in.
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    current insurance situation, yowza

    When my old car got written off, the assessor asked me how much i expected to get. It's what I got. It was after a massive hail storm that wrote off pretty much every car in Brisbane that wasn't under cover, so it was probably easier for them just to roll with it. I have stuck with them since...
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    2000 Prado TX turbo diesel manual

    So xmas saw a couple more bits for the car, and at this point we're probably done for a little while. Tinting got done before we went away for xmas. A mobile tinter came to town. A bit more expensive than racq, but add in the fuel and time to get to Longreach for that (assuming they do it), and...
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    Century batteries - any good?

    Thanks for the replies! I did some searches but every mention was a few years old. I'm tempted by the century stuff right now because a lot of it is on sale, so some good prices. Aiming for under bonnet agm, and have heard good things about Optima for years, but the price is a bit off putting
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    Century batteries - any good?

    So I'm looking to put a second battery under the bonnet of the Prado. All the gear was in place when we bought it, just not the battery. I was looking at Century batteries. The Overlander 4x4 or the N70t. I searched reviews and Century seem to get fairly poor reviews. But I'm also aware that...
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    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    I watched an episode recently, and they pulled out a brand new drifta firepit to cook over. Commented how they don't know how many times it's saved them. Well... never because they've literally never used one before? I'll still watch it because infomercials about products I might be...
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    2000 Prado TX turbo diesel manual

    And our roofrack is huge. At least it's aluminium. I want to add an awning and solar panel up there, so need something to bolt it to. Changing for a more streamlined one is out of the budget right now. I'll still be interested to see how it goes swapping out the oversized muddies.
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    Alternative to drawers

    Well it's not the $100 of ply that's stopping me, it's the how many hundreds in tools I don't have.
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    2000 Prado TX turbo diesel manual

    Yeah, could be worse. Still getting used to it from our other cars. At least diesel is nearly 10c cheaper than unleaded right now. :D