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  1. SuperPaj

    Diesel Conversion for 2.6 NG Pajero

    Has anyone converted their petrol pajero to diesel? If so what problems did you find and how did you get around them? Also does anyone know if the 4d56 in the l300 vans is identical to the 4d56 in pajeros????
  2. SuperPaj

    Diesel Conversion for 2.6 NG Pajero

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me if the 2.5 Diesel (4d56) out of 1992 Mitsubishi 2wd Van will bolt up to the gearbox of a 1990 2.6 petrol (4g54) pajero? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  3. SuperPaj

    Best tasting fish In your opinion

    most fresh fish is good enough for me !!! flathead prob at top of the list
  4. SuperPaj

    Diff locks for an old pajero?

    cheers mate, whereabouts did you buy your kaiser locker from? Do they have an australian distributor now? Josh
  5. SuperPaj


    Gday and welcome mate, Cheers Josh
  6. SuperPaj

    Diesel Rocky motor transplanted into Scat! Has it been done?

    Thanks mate, we might end up going that way if we can get the rocky for the right price, we were hoping to stick some bigger tyres on so the lower ratios would be quite an advantage! Still would be glad to hear from someone who has tried it before. Cheers Josh
  7. SuperPaj

    Moving to Darwin, best 4x4?

    The late model challengers are quite capable, a mate of mine has one with factory diff locks? It seems to go anywhere. They should be pretty good as they're a close relative to the Mighty Pajeros!!! ROTFL Cheers Josh
  8. SuperPaj

    My Mitsubishi Pajero is vibrating when driving...help?

    x3 what dochol said, I have had it happen just like that except with sand piled up in the wheel throwing them way out of balance!
  9. SuperPaj

    Daihatsu Scat gearing

    Easiest way to fix the gearing would be to stick some 33" tyres on!! Even 31" tyres would help if you were worried about damage to the drive line. SPOA conversion would fit them easy or even some extended shackles. Sucks that you cant get aftermarket springs for the old scats... Cheers Josh
  10. SuperPaj

    Diesel Rocky motor transplanted into Scat! Has it been done?

    Gday all, My brother has got an old petrol scat (F20V) which he is overhauling. At the moment there is a possibility of getting hold of a rolled diesel rocky (turbo??) and I'm just wondering whether anyone had any information about the swapping the rocky motor into the f20s. The scats did...
  11. SuperPaj

    Diff locks for an old pajero?

    Lockers for early pajero Gday, anyone on here who has personally put a V6 diff (or a later model diff)into a 2.6 or Diesel paj? Would be interested to know how they went and the work involved. Cheers Josh
  12. SuperPaj


    Gday and welcome mate! What donks your cruiser got? Cheers Josh
  13. SuperPaj

    Mitsubishi NG Pajero 1990

    Mitsubishi NG Pajero, 1990 Good Points -2.6L Astron motor that won't win any races but it will go anywhere and has more than enough torque for the rough stuff -narrow wheel track that allows it to fit through all the gaps in the trees the cruisers can't -LSD that simply leaves the...
  14. SuperPaj

    Gday All

    Cheers Doc and Aaron, glad to be part of it
  15. SuperPaj

    Gday All

    Have been reading the forums for a while and have now finally set up an account. :)