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    Correct charging of a Lithium battery ?

    You really want a specific lithium battery charger, I am using an Enerdrive EN3DC40+, these can be bought for around $450.00 and will supply up to 50amps of charging current. This unit is user programmable for whatever charge voltage your LifePo4 battery requires. The Enerdrive will drop back...
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    Glind heat exchanger

    I never looked at the valve too much at the time, I was in the middle of setting up for a shower on Fraser island and just rejigged the plumbing to bypass it totally. When it failed, I just couldn't get any hot water, so assume it was jammed or something inside, removed it from the line and had...
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    Glind heat exchanger

    I use an 11.3lpm Shurflo pump and the pressure is great, similar to a home shower, although the faster you pump it through a heat exchanger the less time for the water to heat up, so we recycle ours to get it up to temp. I came across the idea on another forum years ago. When it worked it was...
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    Glind heat exchanger

    Here's a link to a thread I had when I originally installed it all in my Pajero: Might give you some idea's.
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    Glind heat exchanger

    I have a glind under the bonnet on my GU Patrol along with the water pump, its installed where the dual battery would usually go. The hoses have quick connects at the bullbar for inlet/outlet. It works well if you want a shower after setting up camp, but can be a pain if you want a shower the...
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    4X4 Insurance

    $1170 a year with RAC WA for 54k agreed value on the Patrol and $700 a year for 27k agreed value on the Pajero.
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    Subscribe to Notifications Red Bell

    Seems to be part of something called web push?
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    Subscribe to Notifications Red Bell

    I'm using an ad blocker and managed to get rid of the annoying Red Bell by right clicking on the bell and then adjusting the adblock preference until it disappeared.
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    Patrol rollover

    I know I'd have had the winch out after the first attempt! Hopefully they were ok with no injuries.
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    its got more knobs on it

    Good Job Shane, well done!
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    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    Like I said, I bought it brand new with Dyneema on it. I bought it direct from Runva and its never had steel rope on it since I've opened the box. Possibly tested with steel rope in the factory or they replaced the steel rope with dyneema when I bought it. Now I think about it, pretty sure they...
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    Unko's little 3 litre patrol

    There have been numerous reports of steel and alloy wheels cracking, particulary aftermarket stuff. I've cracked a Kings alloy wheel, not sure exactly where it happened but noticed it was losing pressure slowly after a 15,000km trip, which included the Anne Beadel back before it was graded...
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    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    You'd be wrong, bought it brand new with Dyneema rope, its never had wire rope on it.
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    LED light bars - I fail to see the attraction

    I run a set of el cheapo LED spots along with a 400 watt single row 46" lightbar on my Pajero, I've found they are just too bright with far too much light reflection. I'm forever dipping them, just to get rid of the sign reflection, then it's like driving with nothing on for a few seconds while...
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    Vegan no more

    Yes, for sure there is some impact and obviously land required for growing crops, but the percentage of land required is only a fraction of that which is required for livestock. There is also substantial land required for growing stock feed that could be utilised for other crops. Most of the...