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    DIY drop slide. Anyone done it?

    Yep, I think you're right regarding the upright, not really practical I think and probably be a much bigger consumer of power. I'll never go back to a drop slide unless absolutely required in a high tray back setup or something like that, and think its best just to keep your fridge down low if...
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    DIY drop slide. Anyone done it?

    After owning an MSA drop slide for a couple of years, I couldn't wait to get rid of it, as it was a pain in the ass to lower and raise everything time you wanted access to the drawers or to simply put the fridge away when camped. They are heavy bastards of things also and take up way too much...
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    Newbie beach driving

    Does the Mazda tribute have low range? If not, I'd seriously reconsider any soft sand, don't confuse AWD with true 4WD. I've no idea how offroad capable the Tribute is, happy to be enlightened if anyone else is using one.
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    Phone holder

    I’ve had a quad lock windscreen mount for about a year now. It’s never come off in the time I’ve had it. I also have the wireless charging head, this works well but if in direct sunlight the phone will sometimes overheat while charging. I just run the aircon via the windscreen vents if needed...
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    Triton rear locker but traction control still working on the front?

    I modded my NW Pajero so the TC stays on when the rear diff lock is engaged. I'd assume the Triton is similar. It's just a matter of finding the correct two wires and either cutting them or putting a switch on them. Some info on it here...
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    Tyre deflator/inflator with screw on chuck? How to change “quick connect” to screw on?

    Taking another look at your pic, it looks like maybe you can unscrew the clip on attachment, so you won’t need the barbed bit I posted above? You’ll just need to work out if it’s BSPT or NPT thread?
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    Tyre deflator/inflator with screw on chuck? How to change “quick connect” to screw on?

    You could grab one of these twist connectors and then a barbed 1/4” NPT adaptor to attach it to the hose with.
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    synthetic rope winches

    A few hours of reading in this thread if you’ve got some time.
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    How would you deal with the water problem?

    75 litre stainless tank with a B.E.S.T water filter. No taste problems and the filter gets rid of most of the crud. I’ll usually fill from town sources where possible, but occasionally fill from wells/waterholes etc if needed. Also usually have about 30 litres of beer onboard ;)
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    West Coast storms

    Power was out from 5:00pm until after Midnight in Thornlie. Bit of wind and some shredded shrubbery on the roads, but was pretty mild at our place.
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    Esperance to Ceduna 4wd Great Australian Bight

    Here’s our trip report from when we did it.
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    Esperance to Ceduna 4wd Great Australian Bight

    We did it in 6 days from Perth to Cocklebiddy/Twilight Cove/ Baxter Cliffs/Bilbunya/Israelite bay, then onto Fitzgerald NP. We don’t mind racking up some big days on the highway sections though. The track between Cocklebiddy and Caiguna is pretty overgrown. We bailed out on that section as we...
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    Esperance to Ceduna 4wd Great Australian Bight

    The run from Israelite bay to Bilbunya dunes should be pretty easy in summer on a low tide. Don’t attempt it on tides higher than 0.6m. There can be a lot of seaweed at the Israelite bay end, so don’t go driving on the beach anywhere there. Head a bit further East past wattle camp, then access...
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    Oil Capacity 3.0L

    Yep, this could be the case I've got a plastic 1 litre jug I bought from supercheap, its nearly 100ml out every litre!
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    Oil Capacity 3.0L

    A lot of engines take a long time to drain the oil down to the pan. My GU Patrol 3.0 litre CRD is a pain to get an accurate reading. The manual states 8.2 litres including filter, but if I add 8.2 litres and check it a few minutes later, it barely registers on the dipstick , however if I leave...