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    Footy's Back 2018

    Now our coach jumps before he was pushed. Can't say Im happy about it and he is not to blame .
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    What music do you listen to?

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    What music do you listen to?

    Dunno why , They never gelled with me ?
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    Do I need a suspension upgrade?

    Id leave it stock if you don't want to put in a 2" lift and suspension. Really I would just whack the bike rack on , shouldn't really be an issue. Don't overthink it mate ;)
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    R u ok?

    Thanks Matt, I can't believe how fast time flies , I don't care about the birthday , I realised its been 16 extra years. Cheers Rick
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    Big Rocks

    Great photo's as always Darb, What's the spot ? Cheers Rick
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    Big Rocks

    Blarney stone :)
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    Big Rocks

    They are small rocks & this is a big rocks thread lol Nice work though Brian :)
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    Big Rocks

    It's a Western Star Luke lol, Same thing really just a different brand , just disconnected the dog trailer so I could access the park paths. Comes in handy for tight jobs , and fun to drive as a 550hp go kart :)
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    Big Rocks

    Took these puppies today to Treasury Gardens. They are making a memorial to fallen Vic Emergency Workers. Should look grouse when it's finished .
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    Police defect lifted vehicles on Gold Coast.

    Good luck to em Face Crap power !!
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    Hey guys, we have to pull up our socks!

    We have come a long way , as my O'l man use to say "If you couldn't #$@& em , you would throw bricks at them "
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    4X4 Insurance

    Same as Matt , but use AAMI agreed value including all accessories. Works out pretty much the same in the end , similar deal and much cheaper.
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    (a) spring in the desert

    Great report mate , pass on the beer though.