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    NSW 2019 VHC Trip

    sounds interesting.
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    Gday mate.

    Gday mate.
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    Welcome our new camper trailer

    Oh for sure. Easy 1 person set up and pack up. Keeps the wife happy lol. Happy wife happy life lol
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    Welcome our new camper trailer

    Many thanks. we have had 2 fantastic trips so far. Vic high country in November last year and Nor Eastern QLD in December January 2018-2019.
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    Chevrol and Camper for sale

    Hello all. I have a GU series II for sale fitted with a 6.5 litre Chevy V8 diesel N/A and a Johnno's Deluxe Camper for sale. $30k package . Patrol is fully engineered with a 6 inch Superior suspension lift with airbag inserts on the Coil springs, usual additions such as Snorkel, Bull bar and...
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    Welcome our new camper trailer

    Both Really Witchy wife and myself would like to introduce our new camper. Mountain Trail EDX. It took us 3 years of research and many camping shows before we decided. As all may or May not know My wife suffered a broken neck 5 years ago and our days of extreme off road camping are now behind us...
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    Am I a new Member ?

    yes Mauzy and I go to Bendethera regularly love the peace and quiet.
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    Am I a new Member ?

    Now it has been a while since I have posted anything on 4x4 Earth. So how long does a member need to be away to be classified as a new Member ??
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    Wheeling in the southern highlands

    Hello all. I know its late notice but is anybody interested in having a day out in the southern highlands Sunday 31st August ?
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    What difference does letting your tyres make?

    Its been more my experience that those people who don't air down are more lazy.
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    Rolland's Plains for Easter.

    :rolleyes::rolleyes:yep for sure. Camera's , lights and screen will be ready for the Frosty and Lee's Moment show :eek::eek:
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    Decided to stop bring a guest

    welcome to the family.
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    My new position!

    Mate that is great news. And I can't think of anybody better for the position. Now what can you sell me for the Chevrol :eek::eek:
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    June Long Weekend.

    lol took your time in Booking Papa Smurf :eek::eek: But then I guess it took all this time for you to climb up to the phone lol:D:D:D:D
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    June Long Weekend.

    Well if you let Frosty at it with a Grinder :rolleyes::rolleyes: How much more damage can I do to it with the Chevrol :cool::cool: