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    Induction cooking

    I never saw a battery-operated induction yet. Let me know if you found one. It would be faster to cook if that happens.
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    jeep roof rack

    I didn't opt for a custom since I found I'd rather have the removable rack since I only use it when on camp.
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    Sun rises or Sun sets

    sunset while taking pic of my poodle.
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    Conspiracy Theories:

    Who is 'umbrella man'?
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    Prevent water hoses freezing in camper

    Does anti-freeze hose works? Some says to run the heat tape parallel with the hose and tape it on.
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    Corona virus

    pfizer is already developing a vaccine to fight corona (trail stage). Hoping if this would be cheap..but knowing pfizer only the rich can...
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    What tent do you use?

    I have a tent from mopar. Here is the one I have It is connected to my Jeep which is a good thing so I feel like my Jeep is like my home. Planning also on owning roof top tent but would want my 1st floor tent to also be there.
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    R u ok?

    Nope. Not okay today. Been having some anxiety attacks because of the virus! Some states are now disregarding lockdown....I just don't w at to end up like Germany.
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    Do you use Bluetooth ?

    Nope. It drains my battery more so I don't. I only turn it on if I would connect it to my speakers.
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    Best way cleaning camping cookware?

    Cool. I am trying to look for a nonstick pan but a pan with warranty looks a bit costly.