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    Off road licence endorsements

    I Agree. A gazetted road is a gazetted road regardless of whether its bitumen, rock, dirt, or sand. Just because a road is a sand beach doesn't necessarily make it a "4WD track". For example Moreton Island surf beach at low tide is a gazetted road (all Qld road laws and speed limits apply)...
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    help me out

    Serious question for which the answer should the basis of how you move forward from here. What do you want to do with it? If you want to bash it up doing the toughest tracks your mates can find then spend $1500 and get something where a few more dents won't make any difference and spares are...
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    Looking for advice buying a second hand 4wd

    My thoughts... First question to answer is... What exactly do you plan to do with the new 4WD? Unless you're planning to do the Old Tele Track, Kimberly or the Simpson or tow a decent sized van then I'd be considering widening your search. There are plenty of options out there that can take...
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    Mansfield police again.

    Can't see how this is going to solve the issues. People know the rules, they just choose to ignore them. For Example: Stop Signs/Red Lights, Seat belts, speeding just to name a few.
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    Mansfield police again.

    Despite the number of hours required for a learner driver continually going up (did I see somebody mention its now 200 hours in one state?) I don't believe the quality of driving is improving. Its almost as if the learners are reaching a plateau and not progressing beyond that while they have...
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    Mansfield police again.

    I drummed 2 things into my kids when they were learning to drive... Reckon that everybody else on the road is a complete and total idiot and expect the unexpected.
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    Mansfield police again.

    Check out the Patriot Campers youtube site and watch the video where they went to get a modified 47 series cruiser engineered (the video where they failed) and watch what happens when people get the modifications completely wrong and how dangerous it is. Now just imagine if that same 4WD had...
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    I still like my Yokohama Geolander ATs. Not too aggressive and seems to handle everything I'm willing to throw at it (which isn't much). Mostly blacktop but with some sand driving, mild dirt tracks and the (a very rare occurrence these days) rough dirt track. But what sort of driving are you...
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    I only use it to pick up the kids from school

    My In-laws had a Pajero that I can absolutely guarantee went on a dirt track once in its life. Don't think they actually knew how to engage the 4WD system. Was bought to tow a caravan from caravan park to caravan park and it did a pretty good job at that.
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    Urea shortages likely to stop flow of AdBlue - this is why I won't buy an adblue diesel.

    So my diesel 4wd that doesn't have EGR, doesn't use adblue should be worth a fortune after I add the additional covid tax :D
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    dreamer or innovative thinker

    Assuming he can get over the existing pajero towing limits (which out of the factory are nowhere near 4.5t), I can't see a problem towing 4.5t with whatever he comes up with. But being able to tow 4.5t far enough to make it realistically useful is another completely different box of frogs.
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    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    Absolutely. From what I've seen, Redarc blankets seem to be designed to cop a shower of rain. From experience, I'd suggest the Kings ones can't.
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    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    I don't think it would make any difference. Those who have something against the brand will always find something against the brand whether its got its logo stenciled on the gear or not. Those who don't will buy it anyway. Its like buying fishing shirts. Do I pay full price for a plain one...
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    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    I've had a bunch of Kings stuff over the years and quite frankly I've never had a problem with them. Maybe I look after my gear better than others. In fact, I'm certain I look after my gear better than others. Take (for example) the video that started this discussion. I noticed part way...
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    Rivian test drive

    They ran a couple of these as support vehicles on the "Long Way Up" documentary (on Apple TV?) last year. Went from the tip of South America to LA. From memory they went alright. BTW even though its about 2 bloke on Electric bikes travelling through South America , worth watching Long...