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    Where did you come from?

    after a chat with the in-laws, they told me plenty of stories about the refugee camp in Bonegilla, he even named the cook at Westall, he was a big Hungarian guy, my Father in-law used to talk to him in broken Hungarian, and they would get an extra dollop of veggies at meal time, Like you Kono...
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    Runva 1200lbs Winch

    ha ha, just waiting for a mate, :p:p, carpet is good as gold, fishing was crap, i wasn't in the water for long enough, i wanted to get out before anyone else saw me, :)
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    Runva 1200lbs Winch

    I have put my 12,000lb, Runva through heaps over the last 5 years, submerged pulls, single line pulls, double line pulls and even a triple one day, winching a 4x4 up a near vertical slope, never had a problem with it, only now the remote, (which is basic), is playing up, it only goes out not in...
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    Where did you come from?

    just spoke to the wife, and i was wrong as usual :D they were in a hostel at Bonegilla, near Albury, for a little while, not Corowa.
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    Where did you come from?

    I think it was Corowa first, then Westall to Murrumbeena, , they meet many immigrants from the same area of Yugoslavia
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    Where did you come from?

    My Mum and Dad, were from Nth Ireland, Belfast, they came out here in 1959, they came out here for a better life for their ever growing family, within 4 years they had 4 kids a house and a car, but Dad worked his titties off getting them, he had an engineers degree in Drafting/Technical drawing...
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    New vs Old vehicles - your choice and why?

    i'm much the same as @discomatt , i have a 26 year old Cruiser, and have replaced nearly everything except the body too, everything I have modified on it, is either a massive upgrade or heavy duty off road gear, it's fantastic off road, hard and technical 4wding, not a bad tourer, sits great on...
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    RIP Picture mag

    here's a funny picture mag story for you, back 20+ years ago i used to buy it for the articles, one week in "home Girls", there's a picture of a naked lady, in a bubble bath, i showed my wife, and we both knew the woman from the kids kindergarten, the title was " R#$e from R.......... well when...
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    RIP Holden Commodore

    they are long gone in my eyes, yes the VF/2 was the best car they ever made, the 6.2 LSA of course, my Dad owned plenty of them from the first EK Sedan, then a brand new HK Belmont Wagon, couldn't afford the Kingswood, let alone the Premier, and then HQ, I've had plenty too, LC and LJ Torana's...
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    RIP Greedy Smith from Mental as Anything .

    great song writer and musician, i too saw him perform many moons ago as a teenager at the infamous, "Gully Pub", or the Middle as we used to call it. they got me hooked on them, then and there, loved all of the Mental, songs . interesting on how he got his nick name Greedy he once ate 16 pieces...
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    they have a App for your phone for that, set up an account and whammo, your money is in, and gone quicker than you can put back it in.:)
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    What Cheeses Me Off!!!!

    ha ha, I've been in trouble before for saying that, Man Bun's are just curled up Ponytails, and Ponytails only belong on Girls and Horse's. :)
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    Daylight Savings..... Yay or Nay ?

    i love daylight savings, and i'm definitely not a 9 to 5 work guy, more like 1am til 10am.. i saw a meme a farcebook yesterday, about daylight savings, and it goes like this 'only a white man would cut 2 inches of the bottom of a blanket, sew it on the top, and think the blanket is longer' ha ha
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    4WD boggins, rollovers, crashes, fires, creek crossings gone wrong and recoveries.

    we had the same thing, sort of, last year, we were going up Deddick Track, and were all just about up the staircase, (those of you who have done this track will know it's pretty tricky and steep), one of our guy's heard a clunking noise, coming from the rear of a Patrol, whilst spotting for...
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    Footy's Back 2018

    We even went into Richmond this morning and got a pic of the new Dusty mural, there is a street artist called "lushsux" who does mystery murals around Melbourne, he's done them on Jack and Dustin before, this is his new one, he finished at 5am this morning. there's me as well, ha ha ha