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    Corona virus

    There are more Australians with Corona virus in Australia than there are Chinese Visitors. In what way is that not a biased query?
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    Corona virus

    There's a huge difference between saying the CPC is problematic and can't be trusted, and suggesting the Chinese (people) are a problem. I have no trust whatsoever in the communication propaganda of the CPC, I believe there are small sections of the Chinese population which exhibit and practice...
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    Corona virus

    Is the difference significant enough to be a strong pattern? Wouldn't it need to be to make those inferences? Are there any other influencing factors, say FER's having higher population densities, as well as higher levels of living/working in the area? If your data is showing a strong pattern...
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    Can you have too many awnings

    I don't have one, but I've met five people on the tracks/campgrounds who have the Supapeg. They all raved about it.
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    Where am I 2020.

    I recall a trip which was supposed to be x-country from Kossie to Khancoban back in the late '90's. We never made it much further than Kossie (where we backtracked to Seaman's Hut after the horrific winds broke the pole on an Alpine Olympus tent and lifted my Bibler off the ground while...
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    Meltdown Monday

    Actually I agree with Colly. Most of my funds are with a management group- far smarter than me regarding this. I do like to "play" with some funds, though, and my Amazon and Alibaba have been doing well. I wouldn't say I have developed an in-depth study of this, just used nouse and realised I...
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    The Upside of Coronavirus Covid-19

    Here in SA we can still go fishing. I can take the boat out (as I did on Monday, busy at the ramp) for fishing for food or exercise, but not for pleasure. I promise I didn't enjoy the fishing at all...
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    Corona virus

    A bit of a mix, I'd say, Mike. Agree with most of your post (including the obvious fact that this is hurting China). However, I believe it is fair to say the political system in China has a lot to answer for in not initially managing the situation. Much more than just "they could have handled it...
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    Triton Advice

    Bugger the fires, are the wipers working?
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    Free wheeling hubs

    Not getting into the FWH's or not debate, but CTL is correct in saying if you think there is a significant difference in fuel economy and wish to argue your point, you have the burden of proof (you'd need to provide evidence this is true). If CTL says there definitely won't be a fuel economy...
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    Corona virus

    A perspective from a frontline worker (NEJM)...
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    Corona virus

    The (US) CDC is recommending making your own: I don't get the products on shortage either. Surely every household in Australia has about six month's worth of toilet paper by now. If not, where the hell is it going?
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    Can anyone tell me what this is?...

    Cleaning out the garage (yep, stuck at home) and found the item below, in a bag. No idea what it is or where it came from. At the same time, I can't find the chain and lock I use for the boat wheels when we park it up somewhere out of the way, so I guess I picked up the wrong bag somewhere. If...
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    Corona virus

    Thanks, CTL, I'll take care to avoid those experts (not taking it personally, of course... ;) )
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    Corona virus

    In fairness, I wouldn't agree our government has been "conning" us. The advantage for the majority wearing masks is in those areas (almost whole countries, in the case of the US) which have high infection rates. Plus (and I know this to be true) much of the early advice from medical bodies in...