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    Unusual River Pic

    What are you smoking over there in Franga, Swaggie? I see nothing.
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    7th Annual Victorian Gathering O'Tooles 2014

    Hi All, once again a great weekend (although short for us). Managed to get up there Saturday then leave Sunday. Shame about the rain but that's camping sometimes. As always, a great bunch of people getting together to enjoy this great country of ours. Well done also to everyone as we raised a...
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    Cairns to Cape York

    How long to do the Creb from start to finish? We would be going north/south.
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    Cairns to Cape York

    So jealous, great read mate. We are planning our trip for next year. Definitely can't wait after seeing your pics. Did you check out Loyalty beach? Heard it's a better spot than Siesia.
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    Wanted - Hard shell roof top tent

    Have you checked e-bay? Was watching one on there that went for $1100
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    Boys Trip August 8/9/10th Licola Region

    Great Stuff, love Cob Spur also.
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    2014 Cape York via a few Side Detours Trip

    Great stuff Rob, love all the photos. Cant wait for our trip next year. I cut'n'pasted your itinery when you first posted it up on "4wdAdventures" (BURLS). Howd you go with firewood? Was there plenty to find, is there any restrictions up there? Also, I would like to print out the spreadsheet of...
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    SNOW RUN!!!!!!!!! Saturday 2 Aug 2014

    yeah, my son's U/9's. Get my Sunday's back in two weeks...:D Will be able to do some trips then I hope.
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    SNOW RUN!!!!!!!!! Saturday 2 Aug 2014

    Work Saturday, Footy on Sunday.... our weekends are Full. Only two more games of footy left so hope to go once it's finished.
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    SNOW RUN!!!!!!!!! Saturday 2 Aug 2014

    Hey James, check ya first post. It says Moe Servo then Longwarry servo. I know what you mean but best make it clear for others. Have a good trip.
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    3" straight through exhaust

    Enjoy... it's a good thing ay! :D
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    gu 2.8 crank shaft seal

    If it's still leaking after doing as suggested above, think oil pump. I chased my leak after a number of attempts doing as suggested above and it turned out to be a cracked oil pump. They first tryed a new pump seal but it turned out to have a hairline crack in the pump itself. Very rare, but it...
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    DIY Drawers (using Bunnings Connect-It tubing)

    I made mine using this method, very simple and idiot proof way if you cant weld or are shit at carpentry. I've stacked fire wood on top, been in a roll over, stood on them, you name it and it's as good as the day I made it. Mine is only a single draw with fridge slide and cavity next to it. No...
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    Snow Trip Mount Useful Sunday 6th July

    Maybe get a head count on who's staying for tea at the Pub and give them a heads up. Not sure they'll be prepared for 20+ people lobbing in on them.
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    Snow Report

    Pretty low in the valley I would think but stranger things have happened. Mt St.Gwinear gets a fair bit (just up the road, turn left before the dam wall). We take the kids there for a bit of fun... and it's free. :D