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    The Terrorists Vehicle of Choice.

    Hey! :mad: leave my goats out of this :p
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    Airing down/up - most common practice

    Agreed. After dropping down, I find not too much later I have gained at least 4psi. Flat tyres heat up due to the increased sidewall flex. The flex creates friction and heats the air inside the tyre, increasing the pressure. So the pressure you drop to, will not be your running pressure in short...
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    I Don't Get it These Days

    I hear ya - because the alternative of being called a little princess is just too politically incorrect :p
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    The kings 270 awing

    I agree, but you miss my point. He was having a whinge about how much a pita it was to erect his 270 awning, so much so he stopped using it. Then in the next breath he is looking for another 270????
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    Kimberley by boat

    In a nutshell......challenging to say the least. 10M tides tends to uncover rocks in the most unlikely places, not to mention the currents. If you want more, see here: No video from me back in those days.
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    The kings 270 awing

    Good luck finding an Aussie produced item. Kings are not alone there, rhino rack included. So that narrows what the folding stuff can be used for rather considerably. Oh, and if you have some down time, grab a coffee and enjoy:
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    Kimberley by boat

    You are correct. There has been a history of stuff like that in the region over the years. It's a high expense, low volume market. Players go to the wall cause the market is limited due to said expense.
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    Swag or Tent

    You haven't tried an exped megamat then have you! Bring your money with you. I have a +35K camper and last year it had about 5 nights (over 2 trips) spent in it - which is almost double what I usually get in it. It's coming close to 12 months with no use and I have no plans for its use on the...
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    The kings 270 awing

    If you saw the post on here a couple of years back re supercenter's delivery of a 25L fridge to a member and the subsequent bunfight that ensued, you might just understand some of that flak. To be honest, it was disgusting. Borec, you complain about the ease of use of the 270 awning, then in...
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    Kimberley by boat

    I spent 8 days in my own boat in the Bucanneer Archipelago back in 2006. That was a trip of a lifetime. When we came back from the horizontals we find our remote, deserted beach camp had been pirated by the occupants of a 10 day voyage, Darwin to Broome just so they could watch the sunset over...
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    (a) spring in the desert

    PMSL......:D My coight flinches every time I'm on it :eek:
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    (a) spring in the desert

    he is from the NT afterall :p
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    (a) spring in the desert

    The conclusion to a quick trip into the guts of the Great Victoria Desert:
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    Last Paj question - for a while anyway - NX GLS - Lockers? Or not actually lockers?

    ^^ as above, factory rear diff lock ^^ not to be confused with the center diff lock of the transfer case.
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    Compass - not accurate at all?

    Yep, just came on here to report that. 3 presses of the adjust button puts you into the compass calibration menu.