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    Use by date on recovery gear

    I still have an ARB strap I purchased back in 1986. Like my abseil ropes, its been kept dry and in the dark. I would have no hesitation in using either.
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    Redarc 1225 BCDC

    re the non dual variants, you can switch it manually too by just grounding the blue wire. Saves the rigmarole of wiring in a relay that lots have had issues with. The manual switch works ok for a portable panel that you hook up occassionally, not so much if you have a fixed panel situation.
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    AT tyres for Australian Outback

    Cookie64 mentioned me above. I think most of what I could tell you has been mentioned above. In the WA goldfields, its mainly mulga that will kill your tyres and no one make is resistant to it. Some just seem a bit tougher than others. 10ply LT's are your best choice but oils aint oils. I have...
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    Remote Res Shocks - Are they really beneficial?

    I can give you my experience as below. That said, I'm a bit hesitant to go remote res again, I still have a foul taste hanging around. Things may have improved since, then it's been a while now, so take my experience with a grain of salt...
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    Winch links

    Eye splice it and use a soft shackle as the connector. All you have to worry about then is the thimble. Or am I missing something in the question??
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    Retirees' trip "of a lifetime" goes wrong

    Yep, I've carried one for years. My primary source to remove dirt and sweat, that also doubles as a fire suppressor. Has anyone ever tried to extinguish a car fire with a 1Kg dry chem. I have. Good luck with that. No spinifex was harmed in the...
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    Corona virus

    Quite a few now, including myself 3 weeks ago. Whilst I fared relatively well, 2 friends that came down with it in the same week suffered immensely. They survived. It's interesting how it affects people differently. That figure is nearer 80 per day these days. While most of us come through...
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    Isuzu hit with inner guard and dpf issues - potential class action lawsuit

    If you had the guard cracking issue, you wouldn't consider the lawyers as ambulance chasers, more like saviours. That is a major, costly defect and is well known in dmax circles. I believe the guard cracking is an issue for pre 2017 models as well. I'm surprised the 2017 turbo issue isn't in...
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    INEOS Grenadier.

    If the above ever happens in your lifetime, which is highly doubtful, I suggest you will not be in a physical condition to be able to use it.
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    G'day from Hamelin Bay

    Apart from the reading bit, a man of my own heart. Welcome to earth.
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    When to pull out or change plans

    Mud sucks. Eventually you work that out - Birdsville after completing the inside birdsville track after it rained all night up the track in 2013.
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    Mitsubishi Crap Paint

    Newer generation mits, including the challenger are known for having hair thin paint. Built to a cost no doubt. Note the difference in ages between both your vehicles.
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    The Canning reopens

    They are claiming 200mm wider than a 200 and their 37" tyres will do less damage to the dunes. They didn't mention their weight difference I note.
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    Great Central Road

    And a few good gravel pits nearby too.