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    My Brand New Rig

    My old rig for those who did not know!
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    My Brand New Rig

    Just thought I would share my new rig since i turned my last one into a submarine! My Rego will be changing to personalised plates this week!
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    Surfer's Surf - Written Off (Flooded)

    I am now just getting behind the wheel of my new rig..... 2021 Nissan Navara PRO4X Message me hope to chat soon! Regards Scott
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    1991 Surf Crushed

    Wow, That was sad to see! Now i am back with a new rig. 2021 Nissan Navara PRO4X
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    Scruffyy is back - some would say -

    "A blast from the past!" "About bloody time!" Well I have new RIG coming! 2021 Nissan Navara PRO4X Just has the following: winch compatible Bull Bar with hoops Genuine Tow Bar Genuine Snorkel Tinted Windows and a big hello to GRUMPY!!!!!!