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    Police in Mansfield defecting 4WDs

    I 'happily' received a minor defect in Kevington on the way home from Woods Point, tyres were outside the flares by ~1/2 an inch. I politely spoke with the highway patrol officer and acted a little dumb :), so the minor defect meant I only had to rectify the one issue, no RWC required. He did...
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    Yalwal November 9

    Some great pic's there pbk :) Looks like a fun, challenging day out was had. Thanks for sharing.
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    Mal's Memorial Run - 04/08/2012

    Yeah, yeah,yeah......don't rub it in :D:D:D There'll always be something to spend $$$'s on. Even if it's not broken ;)
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    Mal's Memorial Run - 04/08/2012

    If you don't break stuff, you're not trying hard enough...or you've got really deeeeep pockets :D:D Water pump's all fixed, very glad it didn't die half way up the rocky climb :eek:
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    Mal's Memorial Run - 04/08/2012

    Absolutely awesome day! I'd like to think Mal was looking down with a smile on his face :) Great to meet Noeline & Tony, I think they had a good day. I'm busy uploading some video & pic's at the moment, so I'll add them here shortly. Thanks to everyone for making the day a great...
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    Trip report Easter 2012. Wombat camping with day trips

    Thanks Kyle, a great day out on Sunday & nice to meet some new faces too. Sorry, no pic's.
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    Brain Teaser

    Here's another for your thoughts: 3 men pay $10 each for a $30 motel room. Next day the motel manager gives $5 to the receptionist to give back to the 3 men as a discount. The receptionist couldn't divide $5 into 3 so gives each man $1 and keeps $2. So, each man has now paid $9 & the...
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    Talbotville Get Together - Trip Report

    Thanks for a great night guy's & the shots too......I think :D 1000km's round trip to spend New Years Eve with great company, well worth it! Glad to hear Nick & Donna got home safely. I was feeling pretty seedy there on the track but Nick, you made me realise I could've felt alot worse. Hope...
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    Congo adventure (warning - long read)

    Found this yesterday. Awesome read!! Thanks Darren :)
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    Jeep Parts

    Try Wooders mate. Here:
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    10th December Christmas get toghther

    Home safe'n'sound'n'wet :D A great day & night out. Thanks to Jo for organising the trip & the great meal at Toolangi Tavern. We might fly in by helicopter next time, it appeared to be the done thing at Toolangi - for some at least. Thanks to Mick & Shane for leading the trip, fun as always...
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    Happy Birthday

    All the besht wishes maaate :D:D Luv yu' :) HaHaHeeHee. I'll have another drink for you now.
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    xj jeep drop shackles and spacers.

    I got my Shackles from Wooders in Sydney ( ) and I bought some 1" aluminium bar for $25 & made my own spacers. Got a local engineer to make new U-bolts for $35. Morris 4x4 are good too: Jeep Parts, Jeep Accessories, Jeep Soft Tops at...
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    Spot the difference

    Oh, that doesn't count. You're pulling my leg :D
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    Happy Birthday Croozer

    Happy belated birthday mate, hope it was a good one. Enjoy O'Tooles :)