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    Hello from Sweden

    dont forget to add Tasmania to your itinerary, you will love it.
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    Front diff LSD or Auto Locker

    It is a 92 ST30 Patrol, I was going to get another rear LSD and install in the front. Yes know how they work and if I had the spare cash I would go locker, just has to be on the cheap and this is the most cost effective way at the moment. Thanks all I now need to find one.
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    Front diff LSD or Auto Locker

    Guys Can an LSD be used in a front diff like and Auto Locker, I get varied answers depending on who I talk too, $900 for a locker is a bit out of my reach Regards Rosco
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    VHC for Qlder at Christmas

    to add to Outrages post when at Eaglevale after you walk the suspension bridge go back to Wonnongata Rd, do a right then another right into Happy Valley, this is private property, drive down to the first house, go past and then do a right turn down to an old hut called Dungeys Hut. Some...
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    Ute tray, work on it or buy a new one?

    I guess its down to costs, a new steel tray fabricated as you want it compared to remanufacturing your current tray. Can you weld?, are you able to do this job yourself?, will it give you the quality you want when finished.
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    Parks pass for Vic High Country

    Thanks everyone.
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    Parks pass for Vic High Country

    Thanks Outrage, I didn't think I would need them as we didn't get them when we went 4yrs ago. Cheers.
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    Parks pass for Vic High Country

    Guys a quick question, I have a trip arranged for mid November to the Vic High Country. Will be around Craigs hut, Wonongatta Station, Blue Rag and Jamieson do I need a parks pass????
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    reverse cowl or forward facing scoop

    To answer your question I am not too sure. I would say there would be some purging of air out of the engine bay, air comes in through the grille, travels through air con, radiator and then back over the motor and down under the body, so there would be some escape of air up out of the rearward...
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    Meaning Behind Your Username

    mines a mishmash of my nickname and two pastimes I enjoy.
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    How do you make your Beef Jerky

    I started out with a 20 watt globe but it just took to long. This is all it is, to keep the heat were its needed but also to get airflow.
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    How do you make your Beef Jerky

    I dry roo meat by using a banana box with a 40 watt light sitting in the base. cut your chosen meat with the grain and approx. 10 -15 mm square, put the meat is a glass dish and cover it with rock salt for an hour, longer if you like it salty. take it out and wash the salt off in a bowl of white...
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    Vic gathering 2016??

    Depending on the dates I am keen to come again. Will be tourng around VHC in November/Decmber.
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    What size and brand of fridge

    I have a waeco rip off, the 6th gear 50 llitre, goes really well. Delivered to my door with a cover for $530. Not disappointed at al, very pleased.
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    GQ tacho problem

    No worries cokeaddict, this is what forums are all about, shareing info and fixes to problems.