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    70 Series handbrake and brakes

    From the LCOOL technical section. It is for 80 series but also applies to 70
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    Kevington Pub is for sale

    Great part of the world. My mother-in-law used to own the Gaffneys Creek hotel. Fond memories.
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    Light but reliable wheel and tyre combo's

    In a Toyota 79 series there is virtually no difference in weight between the factory alloy wheels & steel wheels.
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    What to do with oil collected from catch can?

    As I said in my initial post, that is what I have been doing.
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    What to do with oil collected from catch can?

    Around 8-9000 km.
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    What to do with oil collected from catch can?

    I've got a FlashLube catch can fitted to my 2011 79 LandCruiser. Works well. My query is what to do with the collected oil on long remote trips. When I did the Canning I put it into a container that stayed in my tool box, that got a bit messy. What are peoples thoughts on putting the oil...
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    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    I need to replace the solenoids on my Warn XD9000. Warn p/n 72361. Like a lot of parts these days there doesn't seem to be any about. Does anyone know who might have some or has anyone replaced them with another brand. Thanks, Kevin
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    BobJane J-Trax A/T Tyres

    Hi, Looking for any feedback on BobJane J-Trax A/T Tyres. They are LT tyre. Cheers, Kevin
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    New Tyre Time

    Any update on how the J-trax tyres went?
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    Another spare tyre, in case………

    When I go remote, Canning, Gunbarrell etc I always have a 2nd spare. Coming out of Weipa I had a almost new BGF AT destroyed when a 10mm spanner, someone must have lost, on a recently graded road went straight thru the sidewall. A TPMS wouldn’t have saved that tyre. Kevin
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    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    The performance test he does is with a Redarc regulator connected to a battery. This will not give a true indication of the panels performance as the panel output would be dependent on the SOC of the battery. The only true indication of performance is open circuit voltage and short circuit current.
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    Thought I'd get an ARB compressor...

    Thanks, but no, a ordinary grommet wouldn’t do the job.
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    Thought I'd get an ARB compressor...

    Has anyone been able to get the rubber mounts that hold the compressor. ARB only list the whole mount assembly, item #22. I just need the rubber mounts i have circled in green.
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    Get Lost Maps

    Get Lost isn’t a app. It’s maps to use in a app, Avenza, Oziexplorer
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    Telstra and why it pays not to be a loyal customer

    I was considering switching to this plan, but the 180gb is only on initial sign up, on renewal goes down to 30gb.