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    How to start diesel engine after rolling

    Just to add to my post, I didn't use a socket to turn it over. I just did it with the key but didn't let it fire.
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    How to start diesel engine after rolling

    I did the same as Hulsty without an issue.
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    New camping setup

    Have you thought about putting a battery behind the seat or using a small portable pack?
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    Campfire what do you use

    Heading off for 6 weeks soon so bought one of these to chuck in the van for when small fires are aloud in van parks.
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    Portable toilets

    There are generally 2 types of chemicals for portable toilets. Blue= A bit stronger and lasts longer. Not septic safe. Green= Not as strong with less chemicals. Septic safe.
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    Lets get this discussion started!

    I wouldn't say no to AT's but every bit of traction does help.
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    42 inch light bar with elevated spread?

    Haha I did notice that. It's still a useless opinion if you've never experienced the setup before.
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    Lets get this discussion started!

    It's unlike anything you've ever driven on. Don't head out by yourself unless your super confident and prepared.
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    42 inch light bar with elevated spread?

    Have you ever sat behind a Stedi ST2K? Sounds like you should stick with your candles since you seem to know best.
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    Battery chainsaws

    Pretty sure Milwaukee have a redemption to get a free 12ah battery with their saw atm.
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    G’day from VIC Aus

    Yep plenty. It's no high country but great for day trips or weekenders. It's a good spot for getting used to using low range and plenty of camp sites about.
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    Oricom vs GME vs Uniden vs ICOM - which UHF radio is best for 4 wheel driving?

    Started out with Oricom, had nothing but issues. Went in for warranty with he hole unit (including aerial) replaced 3 times. Sold it for a GME combo, been happy ever since.
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    G’day from VIC Aus

    Welcome mate, looks like you're nice and close to Wombat to get plenty of practice in.
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    200 Series Inflation - No Real Surprise

    I'd have a fleet of AU Falcons. I'd only ever need to use one in my life time though.
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    Camp Table

    Another one for Lifetime. Mine lives in the dog box and has been awesome for around 4 years now. Only $35 odd too.