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  1. Pure Yobbo

    Tanya Mason leaves Automotive Solutions Group (ASX: 4WD)

    That is a shame, We watched what she done with Green Cross and were backing she would pull it off again. If they can pull 10-15% of the market share that will be equal to the ARB TJM's of Aust. Let's see how they go.
  2. Pure Yobbo

    Automotive Solutions Group shares fall 62% after profit downgrade.

    Guys lets try and keep the thread on topic - topic is auto solutions group might be worth starting a new thread about which model car I am going to but in the appropriate sections - I am sure you can appreciate threads are better when kept on topic
  3. Pure Yobbo

    Grafton & Coffs Areas Old Railway Lines

    I am really slack so it might take some time to organize :)
  4. Pure Yobbo

    Grafton & Coffs Areas Old Railway Lines

    Hey Thinking it would be pretty cool to go for a weekend away and look for the old railway tracks stations and tunnels around the area. might take a bit of planning to work out when everyone is free. What does everyone think?
  5. Pure Yobbo

    Rhino Rack vs Thule vs ARB - which one is producing Roof Racks in Australia?

    I run Rhino on my BT-50 but I recommend the track mounted system ticks all the boxes for me
  6. Pure Yobbo

    Portable Dunnys. Do you crap in em? If not, why not

    http://4x4earth.com/forum/index.php?threads/crappers-dunnies-or-thrones.1456/page-3 here is another thread that might help in you quest for throne Frosty
  7. Pure Yobbo

    Crappers / Dunnies or Thrones

    Justin here is another thread that may be helpful
  8. Pure Yobbo

    Portable Dunnys. Do you crap in em? If not, why not

    I remember our last cape trip sitting at Chilli Beach and then there was an almighty scream from Ranger Nat and the seat had cracked and the seat was stuck to her ass. Hilarious Almost crapped myself :) We have porta loo chemical throne pm its own personal section of the camper. but to be honest...
  9. Pure Yobbo

    RIP Ritchie Benaud.

    We done a little road trip today about 3 hrs in total, uncanny the amount of times the 12th man popped up on the IPOD
  10. Pure Yobbo

    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    The Chinese winches have had issues how small the earth connections for a very long time, I remember the first of the Tigerzz (Pre EMG having any involvement is Tigerzz) had a similar problem. Can you swap the bolts yourself? Might be easier. Id be interested to hear the runva reply to how...
  11. Pure Yobbo

    RIP Ritchie Benaud.

    Great guy, true gentleman will be missed
  12. Pure Yobbo

    Spam Alert???

    That was me this morning - I was doing them one by one till I remembered you can do multiples at once - you think I would have learnt after being a mod here for coming up on 7 years :rolleyes:
  13. Pure Yobbo

    Bigger wheels and speedo issues

    Depending on the 4x4 you have you can change the speedo cog or change your diff gears :) If its a 4.2 lt GU Patrol running 3.9 diff gears and 33" wheels I have the cog you need sitting right hear beside me. I recently put my original one back in as I changed diff gears
  14. Pure Yobbo

    Lumbar nerve ablation

    I've had L5 S1 replaced back in 2010 took a long time to recover as they went in through my stomach. had the cortisone injections before the opp to pin point the exact issue but it only lasted a day. My advise is work with your surgeon / specialist and come up with the best result. For me...
  15. Pure Yobbo

    Engine conversion

    My advise not that its worth much as I now have a collection of G60 Patrols (They seem to be breeding at my place) is sell the old MQ which is leaf sprung and spend your money on something with coil springs you can get a GQ petrol pretty cheap then if you are still keen do the engine conversion...