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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    Surely thats a winner on "shortest post verses most work done" ratio in here? hahahahhaha :D You make a fairly big job sound like "ahh yeah I had 5minutes to kill so I yanked out the engine" hahahahhaha ;) :D
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    R u ok?

    Thats a beaut deck mate and a very touching story :) You guys did Andy proud on it mate Im sure :) Looks a great spot to sit back crack a beer and relax with the sounds and views of wildlife - perfect!
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    Sharks are in the ocean!!!

    When I first started offshore fishing with a couple mates they mentioned they dont swim in the saltwater at all for the same reason. I thought it was a bit unusual, but after seeing the size of the first shark that turned up and started stealing our fish within reach of our hands etc I only swim...
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    Sharks are in the ocean!!!

    hahaha yeah they scare all the fish off - and even if you manage to hook a fish they tend to steal it :D Get alot of sea turtles around here and its pointless fishing anywhere near them as well as the fish are all really spooked
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    Sharks are in the ocean!!!

    I have a mate who kayak fishes for them in the QLD canals - I think he is nuts too :D
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    Sharks are in the ocean!!!

    If its proper freshwater and its a shark - its a bullshark :) (no other shark can regulate its kidneys/convert urea to prevent loss of salt water as good as a bully can - its unique in this regard - the others would just die in short order) Some other species can tolerate slightly brackish...
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    Sharks are in the ocean!!!

    Yeah just the possible odd cranky bullshark but thats it in the fresh. Sharks can really get moving - some around 100 kph they believe! (shortfin mako) - I had one doing flybys on me while people were pointing it out to me from shore yelling while I cast lures at it lols. It was so fast I...
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    This is why you can't have nice things.....

    I think it would of been treated as fairly cheap realistic training where nobody got hurt perhaps? :D I reckon "stuff happens" sometimes and I bet the relevant authoritys will be telling that story around the station for a while, and laughing about it for some time to come. No malicious intent...
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    Sharks are in the ocean!!!

    But its ok - you can test for them if you know the trick
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    If you can't stand the heat . . . ??

    I was suprised its classed as a heatwave too - but apparently "Three days or more of high maximum and minimum temperatures that is unusual for that location" is classed as a heatewave these days (according to BOM) We are all getting soft :D A newsreader here said three consecutive days over 30...
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    Bad cust service or just me

    The old mitsubishi genuine towbar VS hayman reece towbar fiasco springs to mind. The mitsubishi bar is a stamped hayman reece manufactured bar (identical except a badge) but mitsubishi was wiping warrantys even if dealers themselves had fitted a hayman reece towbar before the buyer picked up the...
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    What wildelife have you seen on your travels?

    More like "Wheres my commission" lols :D
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    What wildelife have you seen on your travels?

    Bit of a marine theme
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    Stockton beach saturday 03/10

    Its not leaking oil - Its sweating power :D
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    92 pajero prob

    that's pretty common that one. I used to do the same thing to fix it. If its the orange center diff lock light flashing and not the green ones - do the same thing too but while steering left and right helps that orange light go out (the green ones don't care about steering as much) I found to...