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  1. phs

    VICTORIA - COVID 19, What a bloody mess.

    Ha I think it is correct way to end that sentence would be You are wrong Not You’re wrong But on with the show!
  2. phs

    Dream 200

    Come on Matt you must not be looking hard enough! There are some that don’t get graded and a lot of the others stay rough for a fair while until they are Graded Just one well known track that never gets touched is the main line up Webber’s spur, but there are heaps a lot people don’t want it...
  3. phs

    Kakadu - Fitting accessories

    $400 for -battery -battery tray -cable -dual battery management Is a bargain. Just get a hand winch and rated recovery points front and back, the effort and cost to make a portable winch for your vehicle is not worth it
  4. phs

    Dream 200

    Coming from a 79 series and a Prado to a 200 we noticed the vehicle width increase but still goes everywhere the other 2 did. If it didnt we wouldn’t of got one, if you think a yank tank suits your needs knock your self out but it is certainly not practical for us currently
  5. phs

    Dream 200

    Yes We have taken std 4wds on the majority of these tracks over the years, When the tracks are in bad condition I wouldn’t recommend it but I am sure people have. Just can’t see a Sierra negotiating those tracks, but maybe I am wrong. as for the Parking it’s 100mm wider and 1m longer than a...
  6. phs

    Dream 200

    Ha why not Start with deep creek 1,2,3,4 then maybe as a circuit do dingo hill to caladonia river to howitt rd to butcher country to macaillister river track bonus points if you take the van
  7. phs

    Dream 200

    How do you think it will go traversing switchbacks ? Some are hard in a normal size 4wd
  8. phs

    Dream 200

    Horses for courses they tow big vans well but big vans don’t belong in the bush either. From my perspective we can take our 200 anywhere, in the HC or any desert, I wouldn’t be able to park a Sierra in my garage let alone at the shops or at my work so it’s simply not practical If I wanted a...
  9. phs

    Dream 200

    ^ the size is enough to put it out of consideration in my opinion, well out of the realm of practical, and you know what they say about blokes that drive huge trucks...........
  10. phs

    New Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Overlander Build

    We intend to use the winch that’s just part of 4wding, we did however look close at weights and decide to go alloy Bullbar 30kgs, +30kg for the winch, if your carrying a hand winch that would be over 30kgs with the steel cable, once our duel factory batteries give up the ghost we will be going...
  11. phs

    Selling up

    Agree, normally selling separately but given that fact overseas travel is not going to happen in the foreseeable future people are looking to travel locally so a full setup May interest some
  12. phs

    New Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Overlander Build

    ^ they are good but who has room for one of those in a modern 4wd we ended up with an XRS
  13. phs

    New Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Overlander Build

    ^ I’d never leave home without a winch Hand winch’s are fine but I guess take up valuable space
  14. phs

    Shock adjustment - Is it even worth it?

    Hey mate give Zordo a call gets raving reviews and has setup a lot of prados http://zordos4wdsuspension.com.au/
  15. phs

    Oscar Piastri

    Big congratulations to Oscar, The Melbournien took the crown in his first season of Formula 3 huge accomplishment hopefully we will see him in F1 soon https://wwos.nine.com.au/motorsport/oscar-piastri-claims-maiden-f3-championship-win/556dbd0f-d304-4c87-a29e-8ecd0b152660