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    Bravo - Intercooler upgrade

    Get yourself a catch can. Have ya blocked ya egr.
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    Bravo - Intercooler upgrade

    This qas my leaf springs lol ones flat the other a little inverted. Stock ones are 5 leaf. New pedders have 8 leaf.
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    Bravo - Intercooler upgrade

    Ive got no gauges as yet probably get some once i start installing everything next week or so. Yea there great car i love mine. Ive just replaced all my suspension as it was stuffed. I went with a full pedders kit. Trakryder foamcell struts front and rear, pedders leaf springs in rear and...
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    03 pg courier upgrades.

    Hi guys. Just joined this page. Thought I'd share my ute and things ive done to it. It's a 2003 pg ford courier 2.5ltr 4x4 turbo diesel super cab. Bought it about 4 or 5 years ago now. It's currently got 180,000 kms on it. Put some 17" alloys on a year or so ago. Current fixes- new gearbox...
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    Show Us Ya Ford/Mazda

    Hi. Just joined this group. Here's a pic of my 03 pg courier when i just got new 17" rims and tyre's a few years ago.
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    Bravo - Intercooler upgrade

    Ive just bought a pk ranger intercooler too, after seeing this post and another person who's done the same. Ive also got a new 3" exaust on its way and a brand new standard size turbo but with billet wheels that provide 10% increase in air flow.