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    This is the way I wish I could drive... :)

    Then there is this...
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    Triton 4M40

    It would be best to get on the Pajero Club of Victoria forum and they a thread all on Tritons..there is heaps of info and some forum member would be able to answer tour question.
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    I used to love Kulkyne Campers. Not now.

    I'll think I will wash my hands.."pre and post activity" and keep a social distance.. I was quiet disappointed when I saw the vid from Drifta with regards to their Non Medical face masks and the hype they have gone about it...
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    What lift for NT Pajero

    Check in with the Victorian Pajero Club open forum, there is a few threads on their in regards to GVM upgrades for the Pajero. It may be a case of trading in the Pajero and getting another vehicle to do the job, if you want to keep the van...
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    Track and Campsite submissions info and questions thread

    I have a simple question, for that I apologise, for I am trying to upload 4 campsites, that I have used in East Arnhem Land, but I am having a devil of a time trying to accomplish this. My question: What is the procedure or system to undertake for adding a campsite?
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    2012 NW Platinum Paj - the good/the bad?

    I have a 2011 NT, Diesel Auto which has been very reliable vehicle over the 3 @ 1/2 years I have had it...the other half likes driving the Paj, for she says with the auto, its nearly like driving a sedan. She likes the forward and side vision from the drivers seat, so that helped with my...
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    List of Australia's Iconic Tracks & Places.....

    The East Arnhem Land Track... It's 750kms one way to Nhulunbuy in another country on the same continent and 750kms back out to the rest of Australia.
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    The death of the Aussie Ute

    The Australian manufacturers missed the boat and did not pursue their designs for a off road 2wd type of ute, which in itself would have been a good market niche. It seemed it as all too hard and yet again, we as a nation will not back ourselves.