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    1992 Sahara HDJ80 For Sale

    actually its a bit of a sad day. I've owned it for 13 years and its taken us to many amazing places and never let us down. However circumstances change so it had to go.
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    1992 Sahara HDJ80 For Sale

    I'm selling my Sahara 80series. Many modifications and upgrades for tough touring and reliability. 140rwkw 1HDT engine, Gturbo, Safari intercooler, Moonlight stainless air filter housing, 3inch exhaust Wholesale Nomad valve body and 2 coolers Autocraft Slinky suspension and Dobinson MRR remote...
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    Waeco Solar Panel - Excellent Output

    I thought I'd just comment on the output from a Waeco 150W solar panel I've been using. During a recent Pilbara trip I was getting up to 143W from the panel. Over 9 amps charge current. Its permanently mounted to the roofrack so just flat, not angled to the sun, although this time of year in...
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    Hard lid on a ute

    I put one on my Amarok. Fibreglass, Volkswagen genuine part I bought 2nd hand. Has an LED light and central locking. I haven't sealed my tailgate or tray so can't comment on dust sealing but can confirm without any sealing the back of the ute was thick with dust. We kept our gear in space...
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    Any compressor recommendations please?

    I've had an ARB High Output for years and had the original slow version before that which was still going so ended up in our bike trailer. For me its more about reliability than speed. Nothing worse than not being able to reinflate tyres when you are hundreds of km from a servo or town. In...
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    Suggestions ... rebuilt 1HZ or 1HD-T

    240k km. Only thing replaced were big end bearings just in case and they were OK. Injectors reconditioned @ 200k km due to km not any issue. I was worried about the turbo longevity but it hasn't been an issue neither has the extra boost it makes. Turbo installed around 6 years ago.
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    Suggestions ... rebuilt 1HZ or 1HD-T

    I wouldn't hesitate to go the 1HDT. Just remember you will need to update the fuel pump if it doesn't come with the engine. My 1HDT has a Gturbo, Moonlight airbox and Safari cooler and made 140kw at the wheels with 35inch tyres. The extra power really makes it a pleasure to drive, especially if...
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    Need Advice Toyota landcruiser troopcarrier

    Apologies but back on topic If you plan on living in it keep an eye out for some of the Troopies already converted. Plenty in WA converted for companies like Britz or Boomerang otherwise typical items on a Troopy with those KM are swivel hubs, cv joints and gearboxes. If you drive it feel for...
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    Young 4X4'er will learn from this Cape Arid N.P. experience

    The track to the Tele station is mostly sand. He made a decision to follow some tyre tracks across a salt pan, I think on his way out. I was reading a post recently where people commented that Karijini isn't that remote and was thinking that feeling changes when you break down or get stuck and...
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    Nitto Ridge Grappler

    I've done 10k km so far on my Ridge Grapplers but most of it has been hwy with the occasional gravel road. Did a trip out to Millstream in the Pilbara last weekend which is a bit rocky. So far no issues. They seem like a nice compromise between Muddies and AT. Size 275/65/18,not sure if 2 or 3...
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    Bar Work Respray Project - Any Help Appreciated

    Each to his own I guess. I colour coded mine with Metallic paint and plenty of coats of clear and its standing up to the offroading without an issue. With quality 2k paints/clears they are expensive but tough and look nice. I won't have to touch mine for many years.
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    Vw amarok owners

    2019 Sportline V6, still stock apart from bigger tyres, PWR intercooler and tune.
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    To tow or not to tow?

    As a family of 4 we struggle with space for a trip longer than 3 or 4 days. We did a 4 night Holland Track trip without the trailer and its a pita climbing onto the roof rack to get everything down plus the time it takes to set up a tent, roll out mattresses, sleeping bags, table, gas bottle...
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    Bar Work Respray Project - Any Help Appreciated

    I resprayed my ARB bullbar and its a time consuming job. I had it sandblasted but rubbing back the primer takes time. Because of the round bars and many edges its mostly rubbed back by hand so soaks up the hours. If you can get hold of a decent compressor its not too hard to do. I spent hours on...