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    Tuff Truck at Milbrodale

    The cops were ok with you being as close to of the road as possible. But as the line started to move they sat at the entrance and got the defect book out. Looked like they were just pulling in the sh!tboxes and anything that looked neat was let go. Was a top weekend as always but a bigger...
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    [VIC] Neerim Extended Weekend - 17 May to 19 May Trip Report

    Go team Pajero lol, great trip and awesome trip report guys.
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    4d55 balance shafts

    150,000km without them and no major issues, think that says something. All they do is stop vibrations. Nothing major really.
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    4d55 balance shafts

    All good, just makes the motor vibrate more. The belt snapped on my 4d56t and I didn't even notice it.
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    5th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Changed to caltex couple of months ago. We may swing by on our trip, any allowances for that? Will have me plus 2 x 4bies.
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    Any tracks around gembrook open?

    Nope nothing open, hit up Neerim south. Only place open!
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    High country tracks week after cup day

    Hey guys, me and some of my mates are doing the high country in the week after cup day. Looking for some good tracks, smallest 4b going to be on 33's with twin lockers. Any suggestions? Want to base at pineapple flats for a couple of days and also do blue rag, not sure if we want to go down the...
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    Approval granted for O'tooles Shelter

    Hey guys, more than happy to come out and help. Let me know the dates, can bring a saw, 2k geni and some hard labour :) might be able to con the FIL and BIL's into helping as well if you give me enough time with the dates. I work nightshift so would be up there early fri morning and have to...
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    I've done it, you can find my build up thread and it will show you how I did it. Is it worth it? Well that is completely in the eye of the beholder
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    Tuff Truck 2012

    From the TT facebook, should be an awesome weekend with lots of rigs. NOMINATION UPDATE... Who is in???? After receiving almost 70 Nominations for this years event, we have had a small number of withdrawals, our competition managers have decided that they will run all teams in this years...
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    Tuff Truck 2012

    When Pete Antanuc took over last year there was a massive improvement, there weren't as many dickheads as previous years. Pete is now aminig at the family market. As with anything you will have some guys who are just farkwits and you will never get rid of them but at least they are being...
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    Tuff Truck 2012

    Anyone going? I will be there supporting Team Nav AND drinking AndyJims Beers beqcause the PAJ will make it :p Team Nav | TTC2012 | Tuff Truck Challenge
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    Mitisubishi Pajero 1993

    Not changing anything just not going out to break it. glad I can get some emotion from the man of stone :p:D Can't afford a 105 and the 80's are getting too old. New radiator is in, transfer is going back together, just need a new steering dampner and I'll be drinking your Blue cans at TT...
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    Mitisubishi Pajero 1993

    Wanna bet a cube of Blueys on it??? :p I'm game if you are! Bahahahaha the Paj is being busted down to touring duties across the next year or two.... Wont be able to afford to break it with a little one due mid next year...
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    Mitisubishi Pajero 1993

    Will be at TT this year in it