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    Fecking apple

    I've used Apple since the mid 80s at home and work and never had any issues with any of their products. We have a house full of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Apple TV and they all work as they should, no issues. When we addedPCs to the mix, well bugger me what a bunch of problems that was...
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    Pat Callinan vs John Rooth

    Pat is very upfront about having and using sponsored goods, that's how he funds his show. Only way you are going to get air time on free to air tv is to bring advertisers which he does. He has identified a market that he caters for and does a good job of it. Not everyone's cup of tea for sure...
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    Another campsite trashed.

    Clubs do help out out Parks Vic for sure. The club I used to be in did numerous rubbish patrols, helped clear horse trails, put in long drop dunnies, and various other things. Other clubs have also done other things. This is one example why joing a 4wd club is a good thing. Join up and get involved
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    What is it with companies that don't want your money???

    Have you checked your spam folder of your email? Knew of a company that due to their email setup and the manner in which they titled emails etc most of their emails ended up in people's spam/junk mail folder
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    Lightforce LED215 vs ARB LED Intensity Lights

    That percentage thing is just one of those urban legends. You can't judge if something is 10% different to avoid copyright infringement. There is a whole host of criteria that comes into play when determining if an infringement has happened. I believe Rigid are a proudly made in America company...
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    Lightforce LED215 vs ARB LED Intensity Lights

    ARB do own and operate a factory in Philipines or Thailand can't remember which, which is for the manufacture of some products for the overseas market predominantly. It allows for much more cost effective worldwide divert. The majority of bullbars are manufactured at Kilsyth. Everyone...
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    Lightforce LED215 vs ARB LED Intensity Lights

    I know the guy that designed them at ARB
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    Lightforce LED215 vs ARB LED Intensity Lights

    ARB ones don't come from China they come from America. They are an ARB designed light that they partnered with Rigid industries to manufacture them to ARBs specs
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    What 4WD do you miss the most. Post pics.

    Miss my Sierra. Was a weapon, 34" swampers front and rear lockers, 80:1 low range, oodles of flex
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    Word me up on Pajeros

    I reckon that Patrol feeling is what I'm going to miss as well
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    Word me up on Pajeros

    I'm currently tossing up whether to get rid of my 98 DX Patrol and get a Pajero. The Patrol is reliable, capable etc but it's is also a very basic car and to be honest I don't need the offroad benefits of a solid axle while not having a nice quiet comfortable tourer. So the Pajero has piqued...
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    what do i use to upload a track?

    No your phone does not need any sort of phone reception for the gps to work. You MAY need phone reception for the map to load depending on what app you are using and whether it has a download map function. Still have no idea what you actually after, your questions have been vague and then you...
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    Thought it was supposed to be a water *CROSSING*

    The truck isn't moving it's stationary and the current if the river is causing the now wave. Most likely got washed down river. Sounds added to the video
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    Tyre Pressure For Snow Driving

    Driving around a ski resort on snowy roads is very different to driving on a metre of fresh snow in the bush. That is where low tyre pressures come into their own. I regularly camped in the snow and did the mt Skene area driving on the fresh snow. Those who didn't air down or used chains got...
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    Tyre Pressure For Snow Driving

    I find that mts with lower pressure works better as nothing stick to snow like more snow. Also you need to be gentle on the throttle, the brakes and steering. Stay away from chains unless there is ice or if the snow isn't too deep, otherwise you just dig in and go nowhere