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    Possible SA meet Bendelby station

    Hi Matt. What's the plan for those that decide to join? We call up Bendleby, mention we're part of your group, book in / pay deposit, and they'll end up picking a location based on how many cars the group size gets to? Is it arriving on the 12th and leaving on the 16th (4 nights)?
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    Possible SA meet Bendelby station

    Still looking at doing this Matt? Thinking of joining. What are your plans for on the way there?
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    Rear Sway Bar Removal

    Emergency maneuvers and quick overtaking is where you will notice it most. Swerving is going to cause the car to 'sway' and want to move the vehicle around. Might be fine in normal driving, but you will need to be careful with quick movements until you get things fixed.
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    What 4b to get

    Regarding the petrol vs diesel cost. Fuel will cost you more in the petrol, but your servicing costs are cheaper. In the long run, there isn't a big difference. The main difference is purchase price, fuel range and towing, diesels use less fuel, so you can have a greater range for the same...
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    What 4b to get

    Boobook has a good point about variety of vehicles. I 4wd with a couple groups and all have various vehicles in the convoy, from the big wagons (patrols/land cruisers), smaller wagons (pajeros, prados etc) to dual cab utes, and occasionally a little suzuki. They all make it to the end of the...
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    How to plan a Vic High Country trip without going to National Parks? (Forced to travel with dog)

    Some other options are: - Hema's 'High Country Victoria' map is good as an overview that covers Mansfield to just the other side of Orbost. Shows what is national park. Paper form, one side covers Mansfield to Omeo, the other side is Omeo to Orbost. Size is good for overall trip planning/route...
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    Low Range Whining Noise

    The whine, may or may not be an issue, depends on the volume. The sound may be normal and settle a bit once it gets some use. The low range gearing may not have been run in like the main gears and will whine until its initial wear period is done (or at least decrease in volume). As Swaggie...
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    Road handling on bitumen - slip sliding along.

    Mud (and all-terrain) tyres are usually a much more rigid construction than a road tyre. So any increased flexibility from the deeper tread is compensated for in the rest of the tyre. Compared to a road tyre, you will actually find the ride more harsh for that reason. For extra info, some...
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    Road handling on bitumen - slip sliding along.

    4-5 mm of tread depth for a muddy is very worn. They usually are around 15 mm new.
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    Are the ironman bull bars good?

    Parents had one on their 80 series. Seemed ok and did the job, but had some noticeable small errors. Like the aerial tab clashed with the bonnet stone deflector. Was like the designers must have based it on a model that didn't have one, because it was a significant clash and one of them had to go.
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    What bull bar should i get

    I recall their 1st series of bars was quite light weight. Saw one of these original series rear bars of MCC's on a patrol and was very flexible compared to the main brands and reputable small fabricators. Just opening the wheel carrier, you could see the bar twisting. From the rumour I heard...
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    touring with weapons

    SSAA and WA Police websites both show you can. But a temporary permit needs to be applied for.
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    touring with weapons

    Some info on Vic requirements for transporting firearms/ammunition. As Triton said, you need to check each states rules, as they can be different, and different types of firearms have different rules. Some only have standard descriptions in the actual legal requirement, such as 'secure, not...
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    scratch marks on the clear coat

    That is the other way to look at it. Not as a problem, but a reminder of adventures and leave it :)
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    80 series Auto Problem

    Assuming the overdrive and 2nd buttons aren't just activated? Sounds like the vehicle is doing exactly what it would if those buttons were on. Seems like an electronic/communication problem is causing those signals to be stuck on. Could be anything from the switches/wiring, computer up to the...