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  1. old parthy

    New DIY Camper trailer

    ... Thought i would let you know ..somehow the axle rating has worked out to be right for now... Total weight loaded has ended up at 1200 KG's pushing 1300 KG's for the longer trips.... Funny how i found out how well it towed.. I was going up the putty road and saw a big, dam big 4x4 caravan in...
  2. old parthy

    Considering my first camper - Things to look out for / brands to avoid / etc

    Hi, not sure if your still looking for a cheap camper trailer... A mate that i do a little bit of work for has a soft floor camper for sale.. Its a little like El- Bumpo trailer by his photos... It has good canvas and it has a 360" hitch on it. and some camping gear with it.... He is in sydney...
  3. old parthy

    Getting the Challenger ready for the tracks.

    I thought about getting a camper like that a while ago, but just didn't know if it was worth it for me... In the end after making my own.... Maybe i should have gone out and got one... lol.... Mine is 1200 kgs fully loaded , the good thing about mine is i can go three days with out charging...
  4. old parthy

    Noob OR Cleanskin?

    If you just want to see what your car can do (without doing anything) just head out to ZIG ZAG on a weekend often lots of 4x4's doing the tracks out there . Just stand back and watch what is going on... you will understand a lot more on what not to do when watching... And then there's the fact...
  5. old parthy

    Another new bloke...

    LMAO , nothing wrong with older cars... but the oil thing can be a problem at times i bet.... Maybe when all this C19 thing die's down i may like others take the chance to get to Tassie to see what's on offer.
  6. old parthy

    New Kings Rooftop?

    You may have to post a photo for us to help you out...
  7. old parthy

    New Kings Rooftop?

    Yeah The air mattress seems better, but they hold the cold night air for me.....
  8. old parthy

    Trailer tires - for rego

    When i did the 1st Rego on my DIY camper last Dec I made sure that it was 6 stud hubs and used my old just legal muddies (12 months old).... that way i knew i wasn't going to have any problems later on.
  9. old parthy

    New Kings Rooftop?

    All i know about the kings RTT is what i have seen and used over the last 3 years +. The 1st tents were the weekender.. yes cheap, but did what they where meant to do for the price. Yes they had problems like all things that are cheap and made quick... I used to have to put bigger washers on the...
  10. old parthy

    High Lift Jack under-rated tool or not?

    Like some have said one must, or should i say know how to use them... and yes i grew up with these things like many.. falcon's, holden's, even valants had them. We had to know the right way to use then from about 10 years old at home in Vic. We lived so far away from anyone that really we...
  11. old parthy

    TJM HunterValley - appalling service and incompetent fitters

    Yes Its funny how Australians pay out good money to get things done and yet /often get shitty work done.. Hell look at the Australian Logo $10 million spent on something that looks like a yellow C19 drawing... lol Yep, we do Over pay on lots of jobs ......
  12. old parthy

    TJ's 4x4 Park 11th & 12th July

    If i can get some number's up for a simple weekend at TJ's I will be from there from friday night to sunday lunch time. If the weather seems to be a little too wet , then i will postpone the trip for better weather. Trip was cancelled
  13. old parthy

    No wonder tracks get closed to everyone

    I'm not trying to be mean to these young guys ,,.. They do have lots of fun .. But as I've stated , all they are going to do is help close tracks... I try and do these tracks at Toolangi every year when i visit my sister. But When this happens how can any one use them... Last time i was down...
  14. old parthy

    No wonder tracks get closed to everyone

    I have seen many of the video's that group have put up, and yes they seem to not care about the tracks and or there cars... I have withdrawn from trips that would have me digging up WET tracks.. I for myself don't see the point of ripping up trails and putting my car under pressure to the...
  15. old parthy

    New DIY Camper trailer

    Hi all , just thought i would say i was right about the axle...i moved it the 35mm and it had helped to fix the movement while towing... Also have moved the solar panels so they sit the full length of the trailer.. so thats anther 50kgs moved from the rear.... The awnings are now 120 mm higher...