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    HEMA HX2

    I'm sticking with my tablet
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    Murchison Oasis Roadhouse

    I asked a few ppl here for more detailed mudmaps, there is none and it changes from year to year from the tracks getting flooded/overgrown each year. We're heading up to exmouth on 10th august. If your still around will have to catch up
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    Murchison Oasis Roadhouse

    One day I'll get out there, when it's not flooded or hotter then the sun
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    Murchison Oasis Roadhouse

    Alot has changed since that map was made, as you know hasn't been anyone there over last 5 years, I'll talk to some ppl and see if can get a gpx file.
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    One day I will get back over there for a meet up
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    ITechworld Lithium

    How is this going after a few months I just ordered a 120x
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    Murchison Station

    Know were moa is just wasnt sure were murch station was, i live in geraldton
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    Murchison Station

    How far is the station from MOA ?
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    Who’s camping this fine Saturday night ?

    I'm always camping lol
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    Club 4x4 insurance new excess

    Couldnt agree more les, you hit the nail on the head
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    SA Annual Meet 2019.

    Lets hope its not stupid hot
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    What is better ARB or Ironman 4x4 for my accessories?

    Depends on how heavy your wallet is
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    Oils aint Oils .

    Im currently using a gulf western oil 15/40 diesel version seems fine so far in my old 2.8 patrol.
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    SA Annual Meet 2019.

    You can add us to the going list now brian