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    Kumho mt51 15" tyres for sale

    Thanks. Clyde, Victoria. Down the road Cranbourne and Berwick. Dave
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    Kumho mt51 15" tyres for sale

    Hi, Have a set of 4 near new Kumho MT51 tyres for sale. 33x12.50xR15 LT 108Q. Mounted on chrome (some rust) hj61 sahara rims. $1200 ono.
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    Suggestion for a replacement 4wd

    Ps this is Aimee at outrage !!!!!!
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    Suggestion for a replacement 4wd

    Hey Matt, your problem is you bought a Nissan. I'm going to be blind to the fact my cruiser needs an injector pump rebuild, the brake master cylinder been done, clutch cylinders done, crankshaft has end float, it's still more reliable than a Nissan. In regards to the Pajero, check parts at...
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    Is a Pajero ok?

    Price up a rebuilt and/or reco engine as we sold plenty of these for the 3 litre, 3.5 litre quad cam. The 3.5 sohc engine was harder to get as was only available on th nl Pajero. From memory driveshafts were common. Use to work at a wreckers.
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    Outrage's favourite photo's

    Looks like edge of the world with the fog shot
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    Mickey Thompson MTZ review

    One other thing to bear in mind, all those other unknown numbers on the tyre relate to the build dates etc of the tyre so unless you know how to read these numbers (I don't) that tyre could have been sitting on the shelf for a long time before you bought it. and of the course the other thing is...
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    and remember some models have high servicing costs
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    Opinions Please....

    I do not know much about the Surf's apart from we never seem to get parts for Surf's at either of the wrecking yards I work at but the GQ Patrol is certainly easier to get good second hands parts. On the Xmas trip I wrecked the old Landcruiser (kept dropping out of 4wd, a lesson to be learned)...
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    What Does YOUR Display Name Mean?

    had no idea what to call mine as all the landcruiser names were gone so went with what one of the racing games on ps3 called the fourbys - mudpluggers.
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    Landcruiser HJ61 12HT

    i got the 89 sahara hj61 manual (factory turbo seats etc) awesome vehicle. had 33000 or 360000 on the clock and was going for $10000. so much better than the 2h 1983 hj60 i had (which i paid too much for). had a few things had to tidy up such as headlight wiring looms etc as the previous had...
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    are nissan patrols better than toyota land cruiser

    Might bring the build quality up :):)
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    STATE eg VIC - Vehicle make & model

    item Detail- Toyota HJ60 Landcruiser Year - 1983 Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - (Legal Requirement) Engine Number - (Legal Requirement) - 2h non-turbo The blue 'cruiser as pictured in my Avatar. Apart from the wheels, I want to sell this vehicle as is - I don't have the time, knowledge or...