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    Oztrail 80L dual zone fridge/freezer & XTM 75L dual zone

    Anaconda currently have these on sale again and the 45lt fridge is $449. Seriously considering getting one at this price. How are your Oztrail fridges running now? Still like them?
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    Maps for Garmin Oregon

    I recently got a Garmin Oregon 650 and the maps that came with it are pretty poor. Does anyone know where I can get better maps for it from that won't cost me an arm and a leg?
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    Melb Cup Week trip to Vic High Country

    Thanks everyone for the input. Looking forward to a good week away from the office!
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    Melb Cup Week trip to Vic High Country

    I am in the process of planning a trip with half a dozen mates to the Vic High Country for the whole week of Melb Cup. Some of us have done 4x4 tracks before out at Wombat/Leuderderg over in the west. We have some degree of experience, but not a whole lot. We have a guy coming with us who is...