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    2019 VIC Gathering.

    Good job Matt. If it’s skipworth I might throw the swag in Disco Stewart and visit for a frothy on the Saturday night. But don’t let my comment count In the venue vote.
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    12th Vic gathering?

    Has anyone done anything about/started the ball rolling for, the gathering this year?
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Has anyone put their hand up to Coordinate the neat Dozen event? Dave, Rob, Brian, coxy? (Pretty sure you’re out coxy yeah?....) :rolleyes:
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    So I’m a Late scratching from this years event. Work has stitched me up and I just can’t get out of it. Because they are already up there and won’t see this or get a text, Can someone please let BLK120 know for me (aka rob and deesy) “thanks for saving me swag space for Saturday night anyway”...
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Make it happen! :D
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    I’m gonna be solo this year, look forward to a beer and a catch up chrisso. maybe arrive late Friday night but most likely Saturday in time for the duck race. #go_silver_sovereign
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Got a suggestion? Remembering that all the tracks are closed from Queens birthday until cup wkend,
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    The rego form link seemed to work and accept my details.
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    11th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Annual leave applied for and approved, registered and looking forward to it. See you all there.
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    2017 xmas drinks at otooles

    well its full steam ahead, can't wait for the annual Xmas drinks to roll around in a little over a week. just a reminder if anyone is thinking of coming and bringing kids we need to know their age and gender like, now. Just to make sure Santa has something appropriate for them in his sac. I'm...
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    The age old question... who to insure with?

    with some insurers it only needs to be 75meters up a bush track and it may as well be 750ks. Lol
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    The age old question... who to insure with?

    I've had numerous insurance policies from multiple providers on many different vehicles over the years. fortunately I have never had to make a claim for my own vehicle (I smashed a roo once in the missos commondoor but that's a whole other story) HOWEVER, i do know that choosing with whom to...
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    Another new Melbourne member

    sounds like your describing my landy.... Lol welcome aboard!
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    Hi there.

    welcome mate.... "just got back into it" good to hear! if you dony mind me asking, How long out and what brought you Back?
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    first time 4x4 pk ford 3.0

    welcome aboard mate. everyone was a first timer at one point or another. Don't be scared to ask questions. The only silly question is the one you didn't ask but find out the hard way should have.