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    great cars but some of the engines are called grenades and can explode // just what i have read...

    great cars but some of the engines are called grenades and can explode // just what i have read // some research will sort it out before it goes bang // dont mean to scare ya // one of the patrol forums should be full of this valuable info
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    Bribie Island doors off fun

    yeah i used to love driving around cape york with the doors off and the windscreen down in my little 2 stroke suzuki
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    Maintenance after 4wdriving

    yep all that and mostly the wheel nuts -- just check them every day or have those plastic caps
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    Nissan Navara D40 limp mode fixes

    wow // that would drive you insane trying to work it out
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    NSW South coast tracks?

    great video -- been there a few times and the wife always remembers the hike up to the caves -- great spot/ the merricumbene and dampier trails are the way to go
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    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    i watched the life off road show the other day - i couldnt get it -they had some empty speced up $100,000+ landcruiser comparing with a suzuki which did as well as the cruiser - i think the hosts name was chris - i seen him somewhere in one of those ivecos-- painful -only saw a few minutes but...
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    Chinese Chewing Gum

    the thin end of the wedge - the chinese communist party wants world domination and thats it - any way possible - look at hongkong - they want taiwan and those atolls west of the philippines // bit like rust - let it go and it turns to clap
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    how good are drone photos
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    Heading to Cape York

    have fun / you can do the cape in a postie bike / all you need is reliability
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    dont worry about all the soft cock add ons -- reliability is the most important thing a good set of all terrains is all you need -- welcome [ i am 66] to the forum
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    So who is going where as the lockdown is lifting?

    just got back [ from sydney ] from mt kaputar , the pilliga salt caves and hot bore and the warrumbungles was cold but really a great break away
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    Another bent chassis discussion.

    good for carrying post holes
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    Another bent chassis discussion.

    yeah its 60% of the wheelbase
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    5th Annual NSW Meet - Barrington Tops May 1-3 (Cancelled)

    yeah / been past there and there were people camping in the quarry , somewhere near there is a turn to the left [ going to mt allyn ] and it is a really great track [ depends on the weather of course ] if you follow that road all the way it takes you to farming land and one of the local dams but...