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    250W solar panel only producing 60W??

    Sun is still going to be lower in the sky and going through more of the atmosphere (but less than southern states)
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    250W solar panel only producing 60W??

    Dont forget its winter too, never getting truely direct sun which is the only time you will get close to maximum I run 2x 110w panels that do make over that in summer, with the panels angled to the sun at midday but in winter with the panels flat the best i get is about 90w Also most panels are...
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    Where to: 79series full builds.

    No personal experience but they seem to have some good builds
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    Travel Buddy Oven Trays

    I ended up selling my second tray to a mate as i didnt need it. The single small tray adds a little bit extra time to the initial heat up but i do find it gives better results and really contains any mess. Oven stays spotless. So keen to get across the simpson again, would love to join you but...
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    ITechworld Lithium

    Is any petrol engine hotter than a turbo diesel though? turbos tend to radiate a lot of heat
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    Hawker Gate House, due west

    it looks good but its a no go, we contacted the station a few years back trying to get access and it was a firm NO
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    All Things 76!

    yea DCS seem to actually be reputable good products, not just over hyped china crap
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    All Things 76!

    Looks like a decent way to go if your wanting to keep it all under bonnet Probably need to replace the alternator fuse with one of the booster fuses so you can get the 14+ volts it needs to charge
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    Way to lower seat height? 2019 GXL Dual Cab

    XR seats on hurracan fab brackets but they are no recaros
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    Changes to Shannons insurance policies .

    be interesting to see if thats not in all insurance PDSs You would think its there to cover the idiots and full blown fraud but you would want it in writing from someone more than a customer service person
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    Will reversing straight in 4L cause wind up?

    From investigations we have done there is no release mechanism, front diff is always engaged (as my ranger was too)
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    Will reversing straight in 4L cause wind up?

    My brother has been doing this fine in his MN up his steep driveway - less wear than hammering the clutch trying to get it up there. You will soon know if you have lots of wind up as you will feel it and when you unlock it it will clunk
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    Anderson connection, crimper ?

    I have one of these and it comes in handy a lot Crimping is better than solder as your less likely to get fatigue failures, solder joint itself is strong but the area next...
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    Totally agree, mostly dont end up camping in places like that anymore Googs track is the same, all camping by permit only but website only offers googs lake as the only choice of camping but thats not realistic as its a 2 night trip...paid 2 nights at googs lake but camped elsewhere one of the...
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    SA 2020 annual meet , June lwe 6th 7th 8th.

    Yea sounds like a good plan just book ahead for the gums campsite - iv had a look a few times and all the sites on the border track are booked solid