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    MU-X - problems, issue or complaints ?

    You'll find an excellent post on diff breathers here:-,888.msg7382.html#msg7382 Complete walkthrough, including pictures :)
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    Rhino roof racks for LST

    ... Looks good - So they removed the factory rails for that install ?
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    ARB Rated Revovery Points

    I want see a photo ! ;) ... nothing wrong with some harmless fun - call it a learning experience - you get to show him how to snatch, and eat humble pie at the same time.
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    rated recovery points rc colorado

    Check the MUX thread - there's some discussion there on the ARB one:- ARB 4×4 Accessories | Colorado, Colorado 7, D-Max and MU-X receive rated recovery points - ARB 4x4 Accessories Not sure if the Colorado has the same front hitch points out of the factory as the MUX - if it does, then...
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    What family tents recomended

    :) Went 9 days without needing any extra air. And yes - air beds suck - especially for the lighter person, who gets bounced around whenever i move... lol. HAd to give them up years ago.
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    What family tents recomended

    Nope. I carry a bike patch kit, just in case. Doubt I'll need it tho. Thick tube in a material sleeve.
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    What family tents recomended

    Yeah - RE: puncture possibility ... you'd have to try pretty hard, but I guess time will tell. Surprisingly, not much pumping needed - the supplied pump is super quick (pumps on both lift and press) - I was pretty impressed. Much, much faster than assembling, laying out (to sort the long from...
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    What family tents recomended

    Having done a recent trip in the Airvolution AT6, I'd say it might be a better bet than the blackwolf or OzTents.. Lighter (about 25KG's), but still pretty quick to erect and drop - 10 - 12 minute erection at a relaxed pace, to unfold, peg down all the corners and air-pol points, and pump it...
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    Air - Evolution Tents

    Couldn't wait - Had Easter camping trip and current (cheap) old tent has a thin floor that doesn't cope, so went and got the AT6. Will see how it goes over time, but for the 9 day camp I'm just back from, it was brilliant. EASY setup - peg, pump, done.... in under 13 minutes, no rushing, no...
  10. L review of 2015 MU-X

    Current tranny issue is a shifting one - intermittently it will not engage a gear while driving ... eg: going from 1st to 2nd. Rarely happens to me, but happens more often when my wife or daughter drive, so it must get triggered based on driving style/throttle position. Have had a rebuild on...
  11. L review of 2015 MU-X

    Hey muc. I own a Jack ... 2000 model, lifted with heavy duty springs and shocks, snorkel, bar, racks, etc. the 3.5L petrol V6 is real thirsty on sand - lucky to get 350k from the 80l tank. But it's a beast offroad, with good clearance - just needs lockers. MANY years ago the 4wd ACTION mag ran...
  12. L review of 2015 MU-X

    Thanks hilux ... and apologies to all those that now feel awkward driving their MUX's because you now notice the offset :-P lol
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    Isuzu Launches I-Venture 4WD Club

    Coupla pics of the day
  14. L review of 2015 MU-X

    YEp - as mantis said. For my case, I read a load of reviews of different makes before purchase, and took them all with a grain of salt. Their value, was in highlighting points of interest that then allowed me to assess during a test drive, to figure out if that particular point was of any...
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    Isuzu Launches I-Venture 4WD Club

    Wifeys words... "Best day EVER" wife and daughter loved it. Raving on about how much fun they had, and how informative it was. Two thumbs up. Will post some pics after I recover from these espresso martinis :-p