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    Where did you hear about 4X4 Earth?

    heard from a mate who saw it on 4wd tv
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    Hi ALL....:) need info

    patrols are a great car i see heaps of them every day at work, petrol's have to be the best, longer rev range, go harder longer, and as for a auto great in the sand
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    Equipment to take out on your first trip out

    any thought on using rope on my winch as opesed to cable?
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    Never Ending Story - 3 words per post, May 2009

    wearing my underwear
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    Nissan Patrol 2002 (THE GOLDEN ONE)

    ill have to take some of your ideas guys,
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    Hi well looking forward to putting in some tracks as ive been very busy out in my 4by
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    Have you spotted a 4X4 Earth sticker?

    seen one on a patrol in brisbane yay
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    hi how are we?