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    New Member with Prado 150

    Can I ask what kind of Kings RTT you have and if you've got 2 or 3 bars on your roof? And if you've got any feedback on the Kings brand? As I have a 150 and looking to buy a kings RTT
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    Cape York September 2020

    Thank you! That would've been so cool to see back then! I will have to add that to the list of places to stop, I do hope that those stories are still up there as it would be a very interesting read. We will definitely have watchers as I am petrified of those crocs as I have heard how big they...
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    Cape York September 2020

    Hi All, We've decided to do the tip trip in September and are starting to plan out the trip as we're taking a week to go up the coast to Cape Melville and do the tip and back for the last 2 weeks back to Cairns. I just want to know what you wish you had brought on the trip and what you...
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    Dune4wd RTT

    Thinking about getting a RTT to go up to the tip in September, taking 3 weeks off. Has anyone tried the Dune4wd RTT's? Saw it in Anaconda the other week and it didn't look too bad but was wanting to know if it was worth it...