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    Member suburbs

    Haha.... I prefer to call it "energy conservation";)
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    Member suburbs

    Thanks but I was hopping to save myself a click! Lol.
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    Member suburbs

    Suggestion; list the suburb of each member near their avatar/name,on posts. Knowing their suburb plays an important role in some threads and it would be quicker to access if written near their post.
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    Happy Birthday Lil_Miss

    Thanks for the b'day wishes y'all :D See ya Sunday Matty!
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    GME unit transmits weak signal

    +1 for AWB. I was there today for a cb issue and Rob was great. He was very helpful and able to fix my problem. Highly recommend.
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    Poll for Sticker selection

    My vote goes to b as "a picture tells a thousand words". The picture of the bush immediately makes your brain associate the words with the picture. It has an "emotional" connection. The website is also clearer than on c and d
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    Deep creek number 1.

    If DEPI have "shut" DC1, then they haven't done a very good job at all as there are NO blocks at the top of the hill.
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    Deep creek number 1.

    Was up there the last 2 weeks and did DC1. Yes technically there are trees and mounds but not blocking this track, it's just changed it a bit. The only track blocked is the steep hill on DC4, the chicken track is now the only track
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    Happy Birthday Swaggie

    HAPPY B'DAY Swaggie
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    The adventure king awning looks the same as my Roo systems awning, so maybe it's just a new brand name. If that's the case, IMHO, I'm happy with my awning; waterproof, seems sturdy, easy to set up and pack away. For the price, it's well worth it. If money was no consideration, I would go a fox...
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    Deep creek number 1.

    Yes it's the part near the top. Not sure about the logs though
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    Deep creek number 1.

    Was up there 2 weekends ago and the track is still open. They've changed it a bit after you get out of the creek so it's not as hard as it was when first changed. The rock step still isn't back but the side angle on the edge up the hill is still there. It's obviously dried out completely with...
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    Domain names & email hosting: help needed from IT experts

    I checked the ABN site and it just lists suburb, not actual address. So that's a positive! Is there a site I can check to see if my address is shown when connected to my domain name?
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    Mt Skene via Mansfield - LPG?

    Last snow season I knew a few different groups who went up Skene at diffèrent times, all without permits. There was a copper, or whoever issues the fines, just waiting for cars to book. Don't quote me, but from memory, the fines were around $400 per car.
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    Domain names & email hosting: help needed from IT experts

    Ok well it sounds like I better try to "hide" what I signed up for last night!! Arrhhggg