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    tom grogin advice

    thanks mate
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    tom grogin advice

    cheers aids84, roughly how long did it take u from benambra to tom grogin, how was the track ?
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    snowy river advice

    how do u actually get to speak to someone from park vic, have never been able to get past the recorded message with the lovely young lady telling me all about things im not interested in on repeat loop
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    snowy river advice

    cheers bomber, cant see anything about closures in the snowy river NP on the parks vic website, was looking at mt pinnibar but was advised it is closed & the parks vic site confirms that ... will investigate further, fair treck to get there for us so would be nice to know we are gunna be able to...
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    snowy river advice

    g'day al, am looking for advice/pointers for a treck around the snowy river. deddick track looks like it could be a bit of fun, anyone been across the river at jacksons crossing or on campbell knob track ... cheers in advance
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    tom grogin advice

    thanks fellers, looks like thats one for some stage in the future hopefully, time for plan B
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    tom grogin advice

    hey all, am looking at doing a trip with my young bloke up to tom grogin from benambra via mt pinnibar in the next week or so, just after any general advice/info esp re track standard & esp crossing the murray at tom grogin ... thanks in anticipation
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    1hz hot start issues

    as a 1HZZZ owner am interested in what they come up with, let us know how u go
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    Marijuana and Motorcycle Adventure

    reckon living in LA would be more dangerous
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    Toyota 1hz engine oil

    he means change your oil & filter every 5000 kms
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    What are the Melbourne blokes doing during Iso ?

    so finally got the spit sorted, gave it the first run a couple of weeks ago, was quite a windy day & found it just took forever to cook, had planned on a late lunch but ended up with an early tea. so made up a hood from a bit of stainless sheet ive had kicking around for ever, bit rough but...
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    Places you would rather be!

    bit o luck big dan gives us the good news soon, hanging to go 'fishin, 4byin & campin' again
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    Places you would rather be!

    anywhere but stuck in melb ... even a day trip to bachus marsh sounds appealing atm ... at least im still working (at times) so can get out of the house
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    meanwhile here in covid central melb viccoland ive got my landcruisers batteries on charge again cause it hasnt moved in months ...........
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    Tracks with caravan

    plenty of tracks in the h/c u struggle to get around some tight bends with just your 4by, u certainly wouldnt wanna take a caravan there