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    Thought I'd get an ARB compressor...

    the zipper on my ARB awning bag stuffed up, rang my nearest ARB branch & was told 1 week to get one. so ring back a week later & get told will be 3 months ! luckily my brother builds industrial sewing machines so took the bag to his factory & sewed in a h/duty zipper, all good. got a call from...
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    100 series electrical gremlin - help

    sounds like your light switch is faulty .... next time it happens pull your relay out, if they go off at least that will tell u its either a faulty relay or the relay is being energized, most likely by your light switch .. then swap another relay in, if they stay off it would point to your...
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    1hz hot start issues

    cheers for the reply mate, do u mean it sounds rattly ?
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    No low beam

    well it’s been over a year and I still have no low beam lol ..... u only drive daylight hours or u running around flashing everyone with your high beam ? ;) have u tried with a multimeter to see where u have or havent got power ? should break it down real quick i woulda thought .... have u...
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    Corona virus

    in breaking AFL news, the stkilda football club has been cleared of any breaches of social distancing last weekend, it was found at no time were any saints players within 1.5 meters of their bulldogs opponent
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    I bought a UNIMOG!

    what a beast .... how tall is it, looks like it could struggle to get under the overhanging vegetation on some tighter tracks
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    looks like its done a few k's already....
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    Balancing imitation beadlocks

    whats the point of getting the imitation ones ? just for looks ?
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    LED tail lights what do I need

    what im saying is the tail & brake are 2 different signals hence u cant run em both on one wire
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    LED tail lights what do I need

    if u swap out old style incandescents with LED's with newer cars u may get a fault light up saying your tail light are faulty & your indicator blink rate will prob increase significantly due to the much lower current draw of LED's, u can use resistors in parallel to up the current draw. on my...
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    chest is the appropriate term these days apparently
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    Buchan to Orbost via Hema "Easy Tracks" report - kinda scary

    heaps of tracks a lot closer to melb to cut your teeth on prez (eg kinglake, toolangi etc), theres a few books around that give u good guidance on what a lot of these tracks are like & set out routes u can take, when i first got my 4wd i did a few of these treks & found it a good way to build my...
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    Buchan to Orbost via Hema "Easy Tracks" report - kinda scary

    interesting report there prez, just been down deddick track last week in my 100 series cruiser with my young bloke in his patrol. guess we are both reasonably experienced but we went all the way down to yalmy rd & then to jacksons crossing (what a ripper camp site that is) & found it pretty easy...
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    tom grogin advice

    thanks mate
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    tom grogin advice

    cheers aids84, roughly how long did it take u from benambra to tom grogin, how was the track ?