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    Itinerary Ideas. Cape York tip, from Melbourne, with a COVID twist (via SA) - I have 3 weeks

    Another option to consider is possibly shipping your car to Cairns and flying up when it arrives. That way you could spend the majority of your 3 weeks just heading to the tip. I would think a round trip from Melb to Cairns via Birdsville would be 10 days in itself.
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    Wilpena - Woomera - Gawler Ranges

    That's pretty much the sort of route I was after, just not the answer I wanted but that's why I came here first. I might leave it for a future trip, it will be just me and the family so I might stick to the black top for now. There's always next year. Thanks
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    Wilpena - Woomera - Gawler Ranges

    Your right checking with the locals would be the best bet. Worst case scenario would be back through Pt A. I realised I had to go through Pt A from Wilpena but I hate travelling the same road twice in a trip and was hoping to go between the lakes.
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    Wilpena - Woomera - Gawler Ranges

    Hi, I'm looking at a trip that will take me from Wiplena to the Gawler Ranges via Woomera. My question is, is it possible to do this without having to go through Port Augusta? I would like to go via Lake Gaidiner but, and a big but, I will be in a stock 08 Forester. Are the tracks graded and...