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    York Peninsula

    "Dramatic" Maybe, but True It's Your hole, just how deep You dig it is up to You I'm just trying to Help with saying what You're leaving Yourself open to There is still the edit button !
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    York Peninsula

    "Who else could put them there" (Personally, I have no idea. Nobody does ! and neither do You) Seems You have a better knowledge than the Police on who did it so why don't You just tell them and clear the matter for everyone Agreed it has infact been an issue and Yes it's a great place to visit...
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    Late notice goolwa mouth run.

    Next time You head down Brian, Give me a call I don't seem to get on the site much anymore as You can well understand Only been on a half a dozen times in the last 6 months Love to catch up on a day trip The Shack Reno still has the better of me but well underway (Call in if Ur driving past)
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    York Peninsula

    A questionable notation on Tyre Spikes "Local Idiots""Idiotic Locals" I've not heard that Locals have been prosecuted over the issue Has that been proven or should there perhaps be a alteration to those statements If proven by prosecution, all's good If not, You're leaving Yourselves wide open...
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    4x4earth needs a new slogan

    Slight Change to rogerazz 4x4 EARTH "YOUR ADVENTURE BEGINS"
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    Pt Macdonnell to Murray Mouth Goolwa, and back to 42 mile crossing.

    F..........N SHOULD HAVE COME. I almost did on 4 occasions but the work at the Shack has to take priority at this stage (Brian will understand) Sounds like You all had a good trip without any major injuries. A few boggns but it's the South East and totally expected. I made a bad call ... should...
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    SA pre christmas catch up, Sunday Dec 11th, Bonython park Adelaide.

    I'm all for Bonython Park : Pretty Central for Everyone and 1/2 hours drive from most Suburbs
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    2 nights in the Flinders

    Don't let anyone lie to You Brian, You know they're called "pterodactyls" Just ask Nat, dangerous little buggers attack from under cars when Ur not watching !
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    October Long Weekend

    Planning a Trip to Port Lincoln if that's any help. Not real Close, Might as well travel to Melbourne Going over to Visit friends and do the tourist bit through the parks for a few days Probably head off Thursday and back Tuesday Missus is gunna fly over and meet me there (Can't get the time...
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    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    If it stays as below from the BOM site 10 Mins ago then I'm thinking I could sneeze more rain than guesstimated Fri 11 Mar Min 17 °C Max 26 °C Possible rainfall: 0 to 1 mm Sat 12 Mar Min 17 °C Max 23 °C Possible rainfall: 0 to 0.2 mm Sun 13 Mar Min 17 °C Max 23 °C Possible rainfall: 0 to 0.2...
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    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    Thanks Swaggie, we'll certainly have a good time just for U Ur certainly right about that Power Nap Last time I returned from Willangi I was almost in the Micro Sleep land I pulled over and got out, had a drink and thought all would be well Got back in and drove, within 15 minutes I almost...
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    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    You guys have it all wrong. It's a bit like fishing "Where's the best place to cast my hook""In the fishes mouth" If Ur gunna actually place a bet "Don't waste Ur money on just any horse""Bet on the Winner"
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    SA Annual Meet Committee

    Must say I'm a little bit disappointed thus far There are plenty of people that want to have a say and have a great time on Trips but there are only a few that will actually step up and do the work I'd personally like to see a new group of people with different ideas at the helm for a while If...
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    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    Anyone going up before Friday or staying Monday Night or more will need to speak with Antoinette or Neil to make own payment and pricing arrangements We have only made arrangements with special pricing for F/S/S Nights Anything else is between You and Willangi Management Caravans, Campers...
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    SA Annual 4x4 Earth Meet Up - March 2016

    Most people will have plans for the long weekend and won't be interested in buying a vehicle Might as well go away for one last fling in the beast. Anyone that is interested will wait till after the weekend