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    Brown davis under body protection- Automotive Underbody Protection Off road touring is fraught with potential hazards that ultimately leave travellers stranded in remote, hard to reach locations. Those who have suffered the merciless wrath of the outback's rugged terrain, will know first hand...
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    Jeep Wrangler Questions

    gday all long time since ive been here, due to some recent bad luck and job loss ive had to sell my beloved 2009 nissan navara D22. after the sale ill have just enough for a second hand car, and after a trip away where we hired a jeep wrangler i would like to try and find one. so my...
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    NSW-VISION DRIVE in car camera/recorder

    VisionDrive GeoCross car/truck black box in car camera recorder gps VD-5000(W) - new - $300- sydney - 0438460984 - VisionDrive car black box VD-5000(W) New and never used, in original packaging complete with: - original box; - bmain unit; - 4GB SD card; - wire...
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    Winter Wheeling Weekend – Wollondilly to Abercrombie 16-18 September 2011

    thanks for the well wishes guys, i already look forward to the pics and know you will have a ball. cheers
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    Winter Wheeling Weekend – Wollondilly to Abercrombie 16-18 September 2011

    we would love to come along as its been too long since the last trip, However we are set to get married on the 9th of september and will be on our honey moon in mauritius during the trip. but hope its another great trip! Joel & Josie
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    School holidays trips. Newy/Central Coast.

    iI cant make it guys, ive been roped into working this weekend, hope its a great day and look forward to seeing some pics. cheers
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    School holidays trips. Newy/Central Coast.

    some more info needed but at this point count me in, its been too long since i was last off road. KDA - D22
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    School holidays trips. Newy/Central Coast.

    id be keen to join
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    nissan navara

    Im happy with my 2009 D22, came down to the same point as others $$$$ I got mine for $28,000 brand new, but couldnt even get close to a D40 and besides i like the shape of the D22. some minor bad points * poor turning circle * no key less entry * only 2 speakers other then those simple...
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    Rhino sportz roof racks rail mount SXB series off Kia sorento

    no not gutter mount, the clamp onto standard roof rails on most vehicles such as the kia sorento and subaru forester
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    NSW- Navara D22 Genuine Ute hard lid- Mars red

    I have for sale a used but well look after nissan navara ute hard lid in mars red for sale no longer needed as have fitted a canopy. Ute lid includes: - genuine nissan hard lid in mars red - all mounting hard ware - 2 locks and keys - quick release mounts/hinges - 2 gas struts - rollbar...
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    ute tray liners - speedliner

    hey everyone, just want to get some feedback on people who have/if anyone has had their ute tray coated with speedliner rather then a plastic tub liner. I have a plastic liner at the moment but looking to change it and have been thinking about spending the extra money on the speedliner...
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    VMS Outback 4x4 maps iphone app

    looking though the app store i came across the VMS outback 4x4 maps app for my iphone, i was wondering if anyone has used this app? and if so is it worth while?
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    Cattlemans F/T Sth Coast Batemans Bay

    Looks like it was a good trip, id be keen if there is a next time.
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    Cattlemans F/T Sth Coast Batemans Bay

    I'd like to join up on the Sunday, still cant go on the saturday but might have a chance to join the next day.