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    Mazda BT-50 CV issue

    Thanks. I had considered that route... for the effort, its probably not worth it...
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    Mazda BT-50 CV issue

    Thanks Luke! 2 times was after reversing, and disengaging 4wd all together. Was a bit strange, but they must have been wound up perhaps & not properly disengaged. These were both CVs that broke. The third time was not too aggressively climbing a hill. The car & wheels had actually come to a...
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    Mazda BT-50 CV issue

    Cheers les. I'll have a look!
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    Mazda BT-50 CV issue

    Is anyone else having issues with drive shafts and cvs on the bt50 or ford ranger? I have a 2012 BT and have broken 2 CVs and 1 shaft. The car is lifted by 50mm and is running 285/75/16 tyres. I've heard things about diff drops, stronger cvs etc. anyone done these mods with any success? Cheers.
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    12-18 months around this stunning country. We leave in 3 weeks.

    All the best for the trip! I'm not jealous at all. I did the whole way around back in 2000. Best trip I've ever done. Must sees from Sydney south. Victorian high country. The wanangatta valley particularly. The Balfour track in Tasmania. In fact all of the west coast of tassie. The great...
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    Kumho Mud Terrain KL71?

    Guess you get what you pay for. I'm running federals at the moment which were cheaper but wear quickly. I'm finding it hard to dish out $400 a corner for the big brands.
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    Kumho Mud Terrain KL71?

    Wow. Thanks for the comprehensive report Chris. They will predominantly be a play tyre, but on a daily driver that only does 15k per year. My concern, due to how blocky they look, was the noise factor. I realize they are mud tyres, but there's noisy and then there's really noisy. Given the...
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    Kumho Mud Terrain KL71?

    I'm looking at these for my next tyres. Anyone got anything good or bad to say about them?
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    Kenda Klever KR28 A/T

    Good to hear good things about these tyres. Definite contender for my next boots in a few weeks. Anyone know any good Kenda Dealers in Sydney?
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    PX FORD Ranger 2012 Clunking noise.

    Hi samsla. I've got a 2012 bt50. Same car as yours really. I busted a front cv in my driveway. Was in 4wd and my drive is steep with a tight kink in it. Still very strange though. I push my vehicle hard on very tough tracks, and this happens on the driveway! Go figure. Anyway, Mazda replaced...
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    Need help with tyre selection.

    Can't go past the MTZ. Great performance. Great wear. A bit pricey though compared to some of the others.
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    Mud terrain tyres?

    Half your luck 80lover! At 30k mine were useless in the bush. At 40k they are past illegal. I'm running 265s. I should have got 285s. I think these would have worn better.
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    Bridgestone M/T 674

    I'm in the same boat at the moment. I've owned most of the big brand muddies. My pick are the Mickey Thompson MTZ. Very good performance, great mileage. I currently run Federal Curagia M/T (not sure if spelling is correct) these perform well, but didn't last long. $100 per tyre cheaper...
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    Mud terrain tyres?

    Ok. It's time for new boots for the ute. I've owned most popular brands in mud tyres. BF Goodrich, Mickey Thompson, Copper etc etc, which I was very happy with them all. My current are Federal Curagia MT. I'm not at all happy with them as I only got 45k from them before they were past the wear...
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    Hilux v's BT50

    I drive both regularly. Hands down the BT is the better all round. More power and bag loads more torque. They are a very long vehicle which does affect the ramp over however. They are very capable off-road. That's my 10c worth.