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    How many km's have you put on your 4wd?

    Bought mine last June with 148000 on the clock. Just hit 159000. Unfortunately its at that time where much servicing is needed. Looking at my service manual, its time to change the transmission fluid, the transfer case fluid, diff oils and bleed the brakes. I also have two o2 sensors that need...
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    Budjet Winch cheap

    I have the Grande Mk3 12000 pound winch. Works great. I think the key is to run them at least once a month just to keep it in working order. The Grande replaced a Warn 9.5XP that was on the car when I bought it. It never worked. Opened it up and it was completely rusted and corroded.
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    Your favourite mud terrain tyres

    I just bought a set of Maxxis 980 Bravos at 245/70/16. I paid 220/tyre and it came with a $100 gift card. Theyre noisy on the blacktop between 40-70 km/hr. I haven't had a chance to test them off road yet but I will in the coming weeks. My previous set were BFG Rugged Terrains. They were really...
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    AWD vs 4WD

    It's still a dangerous track in places and having a 4WD certainly makes the drive easier. The local council doesn't want the track to be used as a standard thoroughfare for 2WD vehicles given the conditions can change quickly and the risk of accidents is higher. Plus opening it to 2WD will only...
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    AWD vs 4WD

    In the dry, I reckon my old Datsun 200B could do the Bloomfield track. Its not what it used to be.
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    What Did You Do To Your 4X4 This Week? Include photos, if possible!

    I replaced my aging old man emu front springs with new Old Man Emu 927's. Gave me a lift of 2 and a quarter inches. It handles so much better now. I feel like I should do the rear springs now as they feel a little floaty in comparison. Also got new tyres. I went with the Maxxis 980 Bravos. So...
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    Remove water in fuel with additives?

    Thanks for the reply. Turns out it was a combination of a dirty throttle body and a faulty belt tensioner which was causing the serpentine belt to slip through the gears. Replaced the tensioner and gave the body a good clean and its running great again!
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    Remove water in fuel with additives?

    Sorry, its a petrol.
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    Remove water in fuel with additives?

    Hi all, so im pretty sure ive put some dirty fuel in my 4WD. I topped it up with a jerry can and its been running like a hairy dog ever since. Can anyone recommend an additive to put in the fuel to help dissipate the water and clean it out? I know draining the tank is the best method but if I...
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    A win for the KJ!

    No, the didn't have lockers. This was in Lakefield National Park, not the old coach road.
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    A win for the KJ!

    Yea, all we needed was a Jeep.
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    A fun day in the mud in Far North Qld! Cleaning the car was less fun...
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    A win for the KJ!

    The '15 model Triton went first. He couldn't get there. Next the Rodeo went. He had to floor it in the end and bounced his way up on the 5th go. Made a real mess in the process. He then snatched the Triton up. The xtrail was then winched to the top and I came up last. Easy peasy! :P
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    A win for the KJ!

    I dont get to brag often so here it is. Took the Jeep to Lakefield National Park (in FNQ) over the weekend with a few mates. The rain left the tracks very muddy. As we were leaving our camp, we went through a water crossing with a very steep and muddy hill to climb on the other side. Of the 4...
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    Cairns to Cape York - May 28 to June 30

    I just spent the weekend at Lakefield National Park after re-opening last week. It was very wet on Saturday night with the rains still falling. The roads were VERY boggy and slippery (but a lot of fun) and the Normanby river is currently impassable. We had to leave the park via the Laura...