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    New to Australia, from Mexico.

    You will need to plan the trip for our winter months as the desert is too hot in summer and north Australia is too wet in summer.
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    ABS lights on and not turning off - troubleshoot

    Sometimes you need to drive it for a certain distance or speed and then it will clear automatically
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    Install a rhino platform?

    I think from memory you can swap the legs over to ones that take the platform, so there is no cross bars up there. Really should speak to someone who sells them if Rhino aren't getting back to you. It's not a hard game, Rhino have everything to make their products work and will have the solution.
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    TJM HunterValley - appalling service and incompetent fitters

    Unfortunately this sort of stuff is all too common in the business. As said above they pay peanuts and have monkeys working there. Im in the trade and would never let these guys (not just TJM specific) work on my 4x4. Never have I ever worked with such an incompetent bunch of people. Not to...
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    Help please bumper/bullbar

    If Toyota dont have a listing then you may not find anything new. They are a genuine Toyota part as part of their genuine bullbar they supply. We call the "eyebrows" or headlight infills. Who knows what others call them? I wreckers wont sell them to you unless they had them spare off a wrecked...
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    Needing to constantly reload page to be able to get cursor activated

    I have had this for about the last month. Funnily enough it happened as I tried to load this page to comment on it :p
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    Provent 200 catch can questions

    New filter time for our Provent 200. They now have a new relief valve set up built into the filter, not the cap. Pretty easy change over to the new style, took all of 1 minute really.
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    Negatif or positif trigger ?

    You'll be right switching positive. There is no load on the switch wire so you shouldnt see a voltage drop that would be worth worrying about. I have run switching wires the length of vehicles before without problem.
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    Yep, taken plenty of them in my life o_O
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    2inch lift for ford ranger

    One of the problems with the Rangers and most ute set ups are they are "nose down" from factory, so when they are loaded up they sit a bit level and not sagged in the ass. They "all" are pretty light duty in their std factory suspension and are essentially fitted with the bare minimum. Cars...
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    Canopy for my 2019 colorado?

    EGR are another good option to look into as well.
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    Corona virus

    @mikehzz This is what came up when I googled your name
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    Auxiliary Battery in Ford Ranger MK2

    To run fridges, lighting, anything 12v. Best seeing a mechanic or auto elec to see how its set up and wired in as there is a couple of ways to set it up. They can tell you a bit more about it and what you can do with it. Hopefully if wired in right and will charge via the vehicle as you drive.
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    Minor Service - Early 2000's era Diesel Engine (HZJ105)

    Oil and fuel filters are a must, just change them. You can inspect the air filter easy as you can see the build up. If there is a light dust and some bugs it should be ok till next service but you may as well change it if you are doing the other filters, it gives you a "baseline" to work with...
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    New Shorty Paj Owner

    Nice rig. We are the club without being a club. Join in on some trips or start your own with some advice from the NSW locals and you will find some people to go with. Plenty of knowledge here without needed to join a club.