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    Throttle controller

    I had one on my Dmax didn't need it , all they do is make the throttle touchy on the higher settings.
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    How capable are 4 cyl td’s?

    Depends how far you want to go , I suppose.
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    Locker or not?

    The Lockers transformed the Dmax as they would pretty much any 4wd they just make everything so much easier , my Dmax would of walked up that track without spinning a wheel .
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    Locker or not?

    This is what I was saying not all TC is created equal and why I fitted 2xeLockers to my Dmax , I know video doesn’t do tracks justice but I would not consider that track very difficult
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    Locker or not?

    Yep what Joe says , not all TC is created equal. My Dmax TC was no better than open diffs so I fitted 2x eLockers . I now have a Y62 Patrol , TC seems to be really good so far but I haven't really done a lot of VHC tracks yet The tracks I have driven I would of locked the diffs with the Dmax...
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    Tyre diameter and rotation.

    This is my experience with replacing the 2 front tyres on my Dmax I had at the time , after staking the sidewall of one I fitted 2 new std size 245/70/16' the exact same as the rear tyres but the rears were about 1/2 worn , The rears had 6mm less tread than the new fronts , that was about 37mm...
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    Tyre diameter and rotation.

    Has the car got Stability / Traction control ?
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    Oodnadatta track rough on tyres?

    This was Adam Plates recommendations for tyre pressures
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    Of road chains

    Yep I weighed my diamond chains , they fit 265/70/18 tyres , a set of 2 a smidgen under 16kg
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    Of road chains

    I carry chains in the VHC sometimes depending on the time of the year and where I'm going , Over many years I have only used them a few times , it was always to get up a steep track , when there was no other alternative , they do less damage to track than having several attempts spinning wheels .
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    Does my Landcruiser have ABS?

    Just get on a gravel road and stand on em , you don't need to be going very fast
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    Catch cans aint Catch cans

    The EGR delete and a Catch Can do completely different jobs the EGR delete will make no difference to what goes through the CC. Pull the outlet hose from the CC and see if it's wet with oil .
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    Necessary to carry a second air compressor?

    I have seen plenty of YouTube video's doing just that , it would be interesting just how much pressure a tyre actually had in it after doing that I reckon Toddyh you the man , give it a go and report back