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    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    Ah yes that makes sense. "Manufactured by an Australian company" is pretty misleading... Even more so than "100% Proudly Australian designed, engineering, owned and operated" with pictures of kangaroos hopping all over the place No matter, I still think they look like one of the most appealing...
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    Winch Warranty's - Who to Support and When to Walk, Warn,Runva,Ironman,Carbon,Tmax etc

    Are Carbon winches made in Australia? According to 4wdshed, they are manufactured in Australia. Doesn't seem correct to me
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    Fridge in your 4wd - why did you get one?

    You must have had access to a commercial walk in freezer I suppose? I you could get some big blocks of ice in the freezer section of your fridge/freezer, then bring a big esky to transfer it into when you had the deer.
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    Rooftop tent on a fibreglass canopy

    There's still options mate dont stress. Definitely cant share the load between canopy and cabin roof. Cabin is on flexible body mounts, canopy/tub is hard mounted to chassis. Theyll flex apart and youll break something (maybe your cabin roof). Internal bracing is a definite if you want a...
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    Drawers vs Storage crates

    Ditched the titan drawers for a cheap false floor which has been great. Titan drawers came in at 70kg empty. False floor has much more usable space. Only 2 layers deep of bags/boxes each side so no big deal reaching stuff at the back
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    Fridge in your 4wd - why did you get one?

    One really big factor that I don't think has been mentioned is how much space you save not carrying around ice. A 40L fridge has a lot more usable space than a 40L esky, because you haven't chewed through 10L-20L with just ice. Fridge and dual battery was the best thing I've done to the 4wd...
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    New Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro Shocks

    Real thread dig here. I'm looking at doing 4" travel foam cell pros with 2" lift springs in my GU patrol. Got my head around all the bits needed such as drop out cones, brake lines etc. Should be sweet. My question is, are the internal built in bump stops of the foam cell pros enough to...
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    Gaia GPS

    I've been using Gaia a little. It's very popular in the states. Slick app with carplay function too. I'm still getting to know it. There's quite a few map layers one can use. Not sure, but I don't think they're all from OSM. Some are Mapbox? But there appears to be local Topo maps too...
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    BillyGoat app project reveal

    I was just looking for a new mapping app and saw billygoat... thought I'd google a quick review before trying it out. This thread has been a real ride
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    rant approaching !!!

    Glad you got it sorted. Any regrets coming from The patrol?
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    rant approaching !!!

    on the novated lease? Guessing it’s Payload is under 1t
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    rant approaching !!!

    hey mate just wondering how you went with all this? I’m considering doing the same. You work for health? The under 1 ton payload thing is an ATO rule, not from your employer. one thing I found handy... the smartleasing website lets you select vehicles and filters out all the ones that are...
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    Changes to Shannons insurance policies .

    PDS is everything. Doesn't really matter what the rep says on the phone. I'm with AAMI who also state no cover for "Driving into water". The rep said something to the effect of "If you take all precautions, you may still be covered", but I wouldn't bank on that. Club4x4 do have a water...
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    Headlight Upgrade - Older Vehicle

    It’s obvious why they can’t give an adr stamp to a drop in bulb. the compliance is all to do with beam pattern, of which the reflector plays a major part. a stedi h4 led might have a great beam pattern in my patrol reflector, but not in someone else’s Prado reflector.
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    Headlight Upgrade - Older Vehicle

    From the ADRs, it says that modifications can’t have an adverse affect, which relates to earlier points about beam patterns and cutoffs etc. My bulbs have a great beam pattern and don’t blind oncoming drivers. They are very reasonable in terms of the requirements listed in the ADR. I...